If your phone cannot run Brawl Stars, know that it is possible to play on the PC. Although Brawl Stars is not a very heavy game, some modest phones may not be able to run smoothly. The player may also prefer to use a mouse and keyboard in their games, to get some advantage. Check out our guide, carefully following the steps.

1. Download and install a NOX emulator

Brawl Stars is a game created for phones and tablets. To run the game on a PC, you will need a program to emulate a cell phone, that is, recreate the operating system of an Android device. We chose to use the NOX emulator . Just download and install. The version that runs Brawl Stars without fail is released on 2/13/2019. If you already have the NOX emulator installed, just update to the current version. Find out all about the latest Brawl Stars update!

2. Download and install Brawl Stars

In the Play Store (login if necessary), search for "Brawl Stars", download and install. As always, try to do this while connected to a network and not using your mobile data. Brawl Stars is not a heavy game, but it makes no sense to spend your mobile internet unnecessarily.

3. Configure the controls

To configure the controls, simply press the keyboard symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. We use the standard controls that the emulator itself provided without a problem, but you can customize as you prefer. As you can see, there are different areas of the screen for different commands. To play effectively with keyboard and mouse, map the areas of the screen with the keys you find most convenient. Now that you can run Brawl Stars on the PC, it's time to win some games. Check out our tips for getting started well in Brawl Stars and learn how to earn the different rewards !

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