Find out where to discover the Throne on Free Fire maps!

With the update of 20/03/2019 it is possible to discover a World Cup Throne in each match on the Purgatory and Bermuda maps. It is only possible to discover one throne per game and the place where it appears is random. Thrones appear both in ranked matches and in Classic Mode, on Bermuda and Purgatory maps. Check out our guide and find out where the thrones can appear. The throne looks pretty cool, but it doesn't heal or protect you from gunshots or gas. If your goal is to win the game, looking for the throne is not the best strategy, because while taking your print you can be eliminated. The responsibility is yours. Note : the World Throne event is officially over although it is still possible to find the throne .

Throne Locations on Bermuda Map

  • Sentosa Island; near the zip line
  • Pochinok; in the center, between two houses with an electric pole in front
  • Peak; in the courtyard of the big house
  • Clock Tower; near the base of the Clock Tower
  • Bimasaki Strip; in the center of the road
  • Katulistiwa; on a balcony on the east side
  • Graveyard; in the courtyard of the main house
  • Shipyard; at the entrance of the warehouse on the west side
  • Mill; at the highest level, outside the warehouse, in the corner.

Throne Locations on Purgatory Map

  • Mt.Villa; near the radar tower
  • Central; concrete ramp with zip line
  • Lumber Mill; warehouse entrance
  • Forge; main warehouse
  • Brasilia; house on the hill with zip lines
  • Brasilia; patio of the largest building in the south area
  • Marbleworks; central buildings by the road
  • Crossroads; center of the road
  • Moathouse; patio of the bigger house


  • Before jumping on the throne, make sure you have killed everything around you and that there are no enemies around.
  • If your goal is only to look for the throne, use Classic Mode. There is no point in losing points while looking.
  • Use a car to search the different locations more quickly.
  • The throne offers no advantage, but you can be king for a few seconds.
  • Searching for the throne can take time to loot or get kills.
  • Some players say that the Dragon always appears where there is a throne. However, at this point, it is not possible to prove this. The Dragon is always moving.
Throne in Katulistiwa on Bermuda Map
Throne on Sentosa Island on Bermuda Map
Throne on the hill before Brasilia, on the map Purgatory
There may be more places where it is possible for the throne to appear. If you find any more, contact us to add to the list. Check out the latest Free Fire updates! A collection of great CSS tools and resources can be found at code beautifier, cheat sheet, style generators, useful links etc.

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