Learn how to get the Harrow diagram in Warframe

Harrow is a warframe with a variety of offensive and defensive capabilities. With it, you can simultaneously protect your team and annihilate your enemies. But to be able to play with that character, you need to create it using a diagram. Check out how to get the Harrow diagram and its components.

How to get the Harrow diagram?

To get this hero, you must first complete the quest associated with him: Harrow Chains , which will appear on your Codex. Once the mission is complete, you receive the warframe diagram as a reward . These are the ingredients ordered by the diagram:
  • 1x Neurovisor
  • 1x Chassis
  • 1x Systems
  • 2,000x Kuva

Harrow neurovisor

You can find the diagram of the rotating neurovisor C of Pago, during the Fortress Kuva mission : espionage . The enemies in this section are between levels 31 and 33 , so you have to bring a warframe with the appropriate level. To complete the diagram you will need:
  • 15,000x Credits
  • 1,500x Rubedo
  • 4,000x Polymer Pack
  • 2,000x Plastids
  • 5x Neural Sensors

Harrow chassis

To gain this diagram, you need to kill corrupted enemies in the Void slots. These monsters have a 3% chance of dropping the diagram, so you will have to kill an average of 33 enemies to get it. To complete the Chassis, the following ingredients are needed:
  • 15,000x Credits
  • 20,000x Sheet Metal
  • 800x Oxium
  • 25,000x Remains
  • 5x Orokin cell

Harrow Systems

This diagram is a reward for completing missions in Desertion C rotation. There is a chance of not going out at first. In that case, you will have to insist. You need the following components to complete the diagram:
  • 15,000x Credits
  • 2,500x Circuits
  • 1,000x Cryotic
  • 25,000x Ferrite
  • 15x Control Module
After getting all the components of Harrow, create your new warframe and you are ready to take it into battle! Also learn how to get Octavia on Warframe. This document has been composed with the instant HTML converter tools. Click here and test it for free.

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