Cleptomancy is one of the Essential Runes in the Inspiration tree and has the potential to be one of the biggest advantages for League of Legends players . Learn now all about this rune that came to turn the tide!

What is Cleptomancy and what is it for?

One of the most special runes in League of Legends is Cleptomancia, a rune that has a lot to offer players, literally. After using a skill, the next basic attack you make within 10 seconds will be special. If you hit an enemy champion with this attack, then you will earn additional gold . There is also a chance to receive a consumable item instead of gold , something that goes directly into your inventory. If your inventory is full, the item received will be consumed immediately.

List of consumable items you can earn with this rune

  • Mana potion
  • Health potion
  • Rogue potion stolen
  • Skill Elixir
  • Elixir of Wrath travel size
  • Essence of the Oracle
  • Total Determination Biscuit of Eternity
  • Travel size Iron Elixir
  • Gold Bag
  • Control Sentinel
  • Stolen Oracle Essence
  • Troop Dematerializer (stacks if you have the rune)
  • Siege Vision Sentinel
  • Elixir of Sorcery travel size

Important consumable details

If you are playing a Champion that does not use Mana , then you will not receive Mana Potions. There are some tests that show that these potions are usually replaced by Bags of Gold. If you have the Cookie Delivery rune on your tree and receive the Total Determination Eternity Biscuit consumable, your maximum mana level will be increased when consumed or sold. Sentries cannot be obtained outside the classic 5v5 mode. If you receive a Sentinel and have full inventory, that consumable will then be placed with enemy champions. Skill Elixir does not make it possible to earn skill points beyond your Champion's maximum level.

The best champions to use Cleptomancy

To get the maximum advantage with Cleptomancy, you have to choose Champions that have basic attacks embedded in their abilities or that are combined with their autoattacks. These are the two best choices:


No other is as strong with this rune as Ezreal, a Champion turned into one of the most feared snipers in the current patch. Ezreal's Q is especially important when pairing with Cleptomancy because it uses a basic skill and attack that makes full use of the rune.


Gangplank is a powerful second choice for this rune, being a Champion who is already a natural expert in gold farming. Combining Cleptomancy with Gangplank is the same as deciding to open a gold mine to make everyone jealous. Other good champions to consider for this rune are:
  • Sona
  • Evelynn
  • Akali
  • Sona
  • Lux

What are the best runes to accompany Cleptomancy?

With a rune as different as Cleptomancy it can be difficult to know which others to choose from the tree to take full advantage of its potential. We leave our suggestion for your Inspiration tree with a focus on Cleptomancy:

Cookie Delivery

Cookies are essential to maintain your Life and Mana and with the Cookie Delivery rune, you earn one of these delicious items every 3 minutes (until you reach the 12th minute). It is worth remembering that the Inspiration tree gives + 20% to the Potion, which means that the potions heal 20% more.

Market of the Future

With this rune, players are in debt to be able to buy items. By combining this rune with Cleptomancy, you can constantly farm gold during the game and use it to acquire more and more items much faster.

Cosmic Insight

With Cosmic Insight, your Cooldown Reduction (RTR) gets an important improvement. This rune gives + 5% RTR, + 5% maximum RTR, + 5% RTR for Summoner Spells and + 5% RTR for items. The advantage for those who have Cleptomancy is obvious: coupled with Cosmic Insight, your skills will load much more quickly and create more frequent chances for theft with our Essential Rune. Now that you know the basics about kleptomancy , learn all about the Reformed Runes!

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