The Bow and Arrow are among Minecraft's main weapons. Although they almost always go together, the two are different items and with different recipes. Bows are used exclusively to shoot arrows, while arrows also serve as ammunition for crossbows and ejectors. Both can be enchanted. To craft an Arc you need 3 sticks and 3 lines . When obtaining them, organize them as follows: You can obtain Kindling by combining any Boards or Bamboo by arranging them like this: The main ways to get Line is by killing Spiders or destroying Webs. Bows can be dropped by Skeletons (8.5%) and can also receive Enchantments . Check out our Minecraft enchantment guide to find out how!

How to craft arrows

To make arrows you need 1 flint , 1 stick and 1 feather . After obtaining them, organize them as follows: You can obtain Flint by mining Gravel (10% chance) and Feathers by killing Chickens or Zombies. There is also the Spectral Arrow, a special type of arrow that highlights the target, making it visible through walls. To craft it, you need 1 Arrow and 4 Luminous Stone Powder . After obtaining them, organize them like this: The Luminous Stone Powder is obtained through the Luminous Stone mining, found exclusively in the Nether. After crafting your Bow and Arrow, the item will look like this:

Preparing Arrows with special attributes

In addition to the normal Arrow and the Spectral Arrow, you can prepare Arrows with special properties. To do this, simply combine any number of normal arrows with any of the game's potions, like this: The new property of the Arrow will depend on the potion used in the craft. Check out our complete Minecraft potions guide to learn all the recipes. Using this method and applying the different types of potions, you can make the following arrows in all:
  • Night Vision Arrow
  • Arrow of Weakness
  • Arrow of Strength
  • Regeneration Arrow
  • Arrow of Invisibility
  • Poison Arrow
  • Super Jump Arrow
  • Damage Arrow
  • Fire Resistance Arrow
  • Water Breathing Arrow
  • Healing Arrow
  • Speed Arrow
  • Slow Arrow
Units hit by the Arrows above will receive the effects of the potion used. However, the duration of the effect will correspond to 1/8 of the duration of the potion.

Bow and Arrow Information

  • A weak shot (loaded as little as possible) does 1 damage and travels only 1 block.
  • A fully charged shot can travel up to 64 blocks away and deals 6 to 8 damage.
  • Critical Arrow damage deals 9-10 damage, and occurs in 25% of shots.
  • The Strength attribute did not contribute to the Arrow's increased damage.
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