Guns of Boom: how to make big money without tricks

Guns of Boom (GoB) has dozens of different weapons and other equipment, but they all need to be purchased. Whenever you earn points for fulfilling missions or other objectives, they become the game money, called Gunbucks. In addition to the Gunbucks, there is Gold . Sometimes it is possible to earn a small amount of Gold by completing missions. But for large amounts, you need to invest real money . Learn how to win as many Gunbucks as possible without using real money, following our guide.

Complete Missions

In GoB, there are two types of missions: Major and Daily . The main missions are usually more complex and may require several details such as improving weapons, joining your Facebook account and other objectives. Daily missions must be completed within 24 hours and can normally be completed in-game. The missions can be to eliminate enemies with specific weapons, get headshots, use the knife and more. Each mission accomplished will earn you Gunbucks. If you manage to complete the three daily missions , you will earn a bonus. If you manage to complete all daily missions for a few days in a row , you can earn valuable items and many Gunbucks.

Get KillStreaks

In a game so oriented by points, it is very important to try to get eliminations quickly, one after the other. Even a single Double Kill will win more Gunbucks than a single elimination. Practice a lot!

The team is everything

Support your team. You get a lot of Gunbucks for Assists and Critical Assists. In addition, if your team is the winning team, the winnings are multiplied. Support the team by protecting your comrades when necessary and providing cover for them.

Do not abandon the match

Abandoning the match is deadly for your score. It costs more points than losing. The creators of GoB decided to create this system to avoid dropouts, as this way the whole team in play loses strength.

Don't be fooled by hacks!

Again, remember that there are no easy ways to earn Gunbucks. Don't waste your time looking for miracle Hacks that you can use to top up your Gunbucks account. Sites that ask for your account credentials are deceiving you by using fake Gunbucks generators and other tricks to keep your data. The only thing you can do with these tricks is to have your account banned . Now that you know how to make money, find out which are the best Guns of Boom weapons to add to your arsenal.

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