Anvils are indispensable items in Minecraft, as they serve to repair and rename items, in addition to being necessary to apply enchantments on equipment. To craft an Anvil you need 3 Iron Blocks and 4 Iron Bars . When obtaining them, organize them as follows: You can obtain Iron Blocks by combining 9 Iron Bars , which in turn are obtained by combining 9 Iron Nuggets , or by casting. To melt Iron Bars or Nuggets, you need a Furnace first. To cut one, 8 Boulders are required . When obtaining them, organize them this way: Boulders are obtained by mining stones.

Using the Furnace

With the Furnace ready, you can craft Iron Bar by melting Iron Ore with any fuel: You can also melt Iron Nugget in the Furnace. Just combine any iron item or equipment with any fuel: After gathering the necessary materials and crafting your anvil, it will look like this:

Anvil Information

  • Anvils are mainly used to repair items. You simply combine the item with low durability with materials used in your craft. Each material recovers 25% of the item's maximum durability.
  • Anvils are also used to rename items.
  • With each use, anvils have a 12% chance of taking damage. If this occurs 3 times, the anvil is destroyed.
  • On average, an anvil lasts 25 uses.
  • Only identical anvils (with the same level of damage) can be accumulated in the inventory.
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