Learn how to make an anvil in Minecraft!

Anvils are indispensable items in Minecraft, as they serve to repair and rename items, in addition to being necessary to apply enchantments on equipment. To craft an Anvil you need 3 Iron Blocks and 4 Iron Bars . When obtaining them, organize them as follows: You can obtain Iron Blocks by combining 9 Iron Bars , which in turn are obtained by combining 9 Iron Nuggets , or by casting. To melt Iron Bars or Nuggets, you need a Furnace first. To cut one, 8 Boulders are required . When obtaining them, organize them this way: Boulders are obtained by mining stones.

Using the Furnace

With the Furnace ready, you can craft Iron Bar by melting Iron Ore with any fuel: You can also melt Iron Nugget in the Furnace. Just combine any iron item or equipment with any fuel: After gathering the necessary materials and crafting your anvil, it will look like this:

Anvil Information

  • Anvils are mainly used to repair items. You simply combine the item with low durability with materials used in your craft. Each material recovers 25% of the item's maximum durability.
  • Anvils are also used to rename items.
  • With each use, anvils have a 12% chance of taking damage. If this occurs 3 times, the anvil is destroyed.
  • On average, an anvil lasts 25 uses.
  • Only identical anvils (with the same level of damage) can be accumulated in the inventory.
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