In Minecraft , you can create everything you can imagine, including rockets that explode in fireworks. You can even choose the color, effects, shape and height of the fires, creating your own personalized show. Learn how to create your own fireworks and animate your game!

Required items

To create a basic firework, you need a star and a rocket . In the end, it is necessary to combine the two. You can also join more than one star with a rocket to obtain various effects. It is not necessary to pay attention to the position of the ingredients, as the recipe does not ask for a specific order.

How to create a star

The star can be created with various ingredients, the most basic being made with gunpowder and dye . It is possible to mix other ingredients to obtain different effects.

How to create a rocket

The rocket is created from paper and gunpowder . It is possible to change the amount of gunpowder to obtain different effects.

Creating Effects

To achieve fireworks with different effects, you will have to combine different items when making the star or rocket.
  • Color: when creating the star, put the dye of the color you want your fire to be. Add more than one star to your rocket to achieve multicolor explosions.
  • Height: for your fire to rise higher, add even more powder (maximum 3) during the creation of the rocket.
  • Shape: When creating your star, add decorative heads for the firework to explode in the form of a creeper or a gold nugget to create the shape of a star. Including a fireball will make the explosion bigger.
  • Effects: when placing a diamond in the creation of the star, the fire will leave a trail. If it includes glowstone powder, the fire will be more sparkling.

How to launch the firework

Once the item is ready, you need to place the firework on the floor by pressing the right mouse button. The rocket flies into the sky immediately, bursting with light and color! Also learn how to create a fence in Minecraft !

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