Learn all about the Lords Mobile Family System

With the Familiar system, players will gain the power of the Goddess Athena that allows them to forge Pacts with the game's monsters. By training these Familiars, you can turn them into powerful companions who will help you on your adventures. Several new features related to this system have been added to the game, so it is normal to feel a little lost. Check out the Family system and learn how to enjoy your new companions!

How to forge Family Pacts?

You need to collect Anima from the Magic Fountain and use this material to create Pacts at the Mystic Pinnacle. This ritual will grant Familiars, Fragments or Runes. With Fragments, you gain Experience and with Runes, you can improve your Familiars in the Monster Mansion, making them stronger. Don't forget to visit the Gym where you can send Heroes to train your new Family members.

How to clear Family buildings

To access these new buildings, you need to complete Battle 8 of the Blessed War. There, the Monster Mansion will be automatically built. You can build or demolish other buildings whenever you want. These are the new buildings that come with the Familiar system:
  • Mansion of the Monsters: allows you to check the list of all your Familiars, level up your levels and improve your skills and attributes.
  • Source: produces a new resource, Anima, which is needed to create Pacts and Skill Stones.
  • Mystic Pinnacle: allows you to merge Anima with other items to forge Pacts or Skill Stones.
  • Gym: allows you to place Heroes to train your Family.
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Discover the new items

In addition to new buildings, the system also brings new items for you to use.
  • Pacts: allow invoking Familiars or gain Runes or Fragments. Create these items in the Mystic Pinnacle or buy from the Store. Select a Pact to find out the list of Family members you can win at each level.
  • Anima: used to create Pacts and Skill Stones.
  • Fragments: increase a familiar's experience or skill.
  • Skill Stones: needed to activate skills in Familiars. Unlock the ability to create Skill Stones in the Mystic Pinnacle by obtaining a Familiar and leveling it up to Elder.
  • Runes: can be used to improve Familiars or can be transformed into Fragments.

How to manage the skills of family members

First, you can upgrade your Familiars by feeding them Fragments and training them at the Gym. They will rise from Puppy (maximum level 20), to Adult (maximum level 50) and, finally, to Elder (maximum level 60). To upgrade skills, you need Runes and Fragments. These will rise to the maximum level of your Familiar's level. Your teammates have three types of skills: Permanent, Support, or Attack . Support skills can be activated by selecting the Familiars option, while Attack skills are activated by selecting the enemy Castle. Permanentes are always active from the moment they are released. The type of skills that your Familiar can obtain will depend on its evolution and cannot be controlled. Find out how to quickly level up on Lords Mobile !

How do I protect myself from enemy Familiars?

You need a Sentinel to protect yourself from Familiar attacks. This Sentinel will be available when you take your first companion with Support skills or when you are attacked for the first time. A Sentry will last a minimum of 6 hours before reloading is required. Your indicator will reload when attacked and the Sentry is disabled if you use an Attack skill from one of your Familiars. Get to know the best tips to succeed in Lords Mobile !

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