In Hustle Castle , you can make your heroes even stronger by placing Gems on their equipment to improve their attributes. For that, you only need one Workshop and, of course, Gems. These can be of various colors and types, being won through PvP battles. Check out our guide and learn all about the Gems of Hustle Castle .

Bay of Gems

Every day, you can enter the Bay of Gems once for free. After that chance is used, you have to start paying with food. It is useful to take this opportunity every day to earn your rewards without spending money. When entering the Bay of Gems, you have to choose up to 12 fighters and nine spells to take on a Journey. There is no downside to taking all the fighters with you, because although you can only use six at a time, you have more options available to build your team. In addition, there is also the possibility to hire mercenaries during your trip to increase your team. But be aware that these extra fighters are usually very expensive. During your journey, you will fight in a sequence of 15 battles that increase in difficulty. If at the end of the battle any of your fighters die, he will be inactive for the rest of the route. Therefore, the ideal is to make the heroes stronger for the more advanced stages.

Gems Workshop

All operations related to the Gems are done here, including the recycling of Crystals in order to gain Dust. The recycling time changes according to the power of the Crystal being used. You will have to build this workshop, but there is no need to improve it. From here on, Gold will become very important, as all operations will need this resource.

Improve your Gems

All Gems have levels and the higher it is, the more powerful the Gem will be. You can improve a gem with experience , the amount required and the maximum levels available depending on the color of the Gem. You can also upload a Gem that is inserted in a piece of equipment, as long as it still maintains the experience bar, this means that it can still be improved.

Insert gems into the equipment

Each piece of rare, epic or legendary equipment from level 55 onwards has frames where you can insert Gems, as long as they are the same color. This will determine the type of bonus each item can receive. Gems can also be extracted , but this process costs diamonds, so think carefully when placing a Gem on an item.

Mixing Gems

Finally, you can also combine Gems to create more powerful attributes. To be able to do this successfully, the Gems must be the same color and the same type . In addition, they must be at their maximum level and not be inserted in equipment. There is always the possibility of the process failing, and the stronger the Gem, the greater the chance of it happening. Use a Scroll to improve your chances if applicable. Anyway, if the process fails, you will not lose the original Gems, but they will go down in level.

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