Learn all about Specter, hero of DOTA 2

Specter is a carry hero who manages to inflict large amounts of melee damage to his enemies. However, due to his initial weaknesses, he can be a difficult character to play. Check out our tips for getting along with Specter!

Advantages and disadvantages

Why play with Specter?

  • Specter has a good potential to play alone if you have the indicated items;
  • His presence is universal, as he can use Haunt in any battle;
  • You can escape from many dangerous situations using Spectral Dagger.

And when should I not play with this hero?

  • Its base damage is weak, so it depends a lot on items;
  • It is very vulnerable in the first phase of the game and its progress is slow to farm.

Tips for Powers and Skills

  • Spectral Dagger: This ability deals 200 magic damage and also slows down your target's movement, which can be useful when your enemy is trying to escape you. If the opponent is invisible, Spectral Dagger causes him to leave a trail that allows you to follow him, even if he continues without revealing himself.
  • Desolate: with this ability, you can deal 65 damage to enemies who are isolated, that is, who are at least 325 points from a friendly hero. Since her illusions inherit Desolate, she is considered a very popular and useful skill.
  • Dispersion: at the end of the game, Dispersion will help to cause most of the damage, as well as increasing your resistance. Don't forget that the damage done increases the closer you are to your enemy.
  • Haunt: use this skill to gain a global presence, casting illusions. Haunt is very good for catching enemies who are trying to escape, for making gank or for causing massive damage in big battles.
  • Reality: this skill is essential to use in conjunction with Haunt, as it will allow you to jump to the location of one of your illusions. This means that you will be able to quickly switch to a priority target or be able to evade an attack.

General strategy

In the first phase of the match, your goal is to drive with support to a lane that allows you to farm. Have as first purchases items that help you increase your base damage and farm in Jungle, such as Iron Talon and Ring of Aquila. After these purchases, it's time to focus on Phase Boots, to help you in your farm. After these first steps, it is important that you focus on getting Radiance. Then, start joining battles, as your fire damage starts to be quite considerable. You should also buy Manta Style, as it works well with your Desolate skill. During the final phase of the game, try to join team battles as much as possible , managing your units and sending your illusions to different locations, thus causing confusion in your enemies.

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