Find out why Reshade was banned on PUBG

The use of Reshade has been banned permanently in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). Players who used this software to enhance and improve graphics will not be banned, but will need to uninstall ReShade to be able to play . In some cases, it will even be necessary to reinstall PUBG. ReShade was previously considered completely legal and safe by the creator of PUBG, in a tweet in April 2017 However, a large number of reports of cheats led the creators to rethink this position. The ban comes from the use of the new anti-cheat technology Battleye (also used in games like Arma3), which does not allow the use of software that "behaves like cheat programs". Although ReShade is mostly used for graphical improvements to PUBG, it was possible to gain some advantage by the ease with which opponents stood out on the pitch. Discover legal optimizations that improve performance in PUBG .

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