GoWiPe has been, for years, the most popular attack formation in Clash of Clans. Although some players believe that the strategy is no longer as effective, the truth is that it is still used successfully even in CV10. Check out what GoWiPe is in Clash of Clans and how to run it!

What is GoWiPe?

GoWiPe is an attack formation formed essentially by Golems, Wizards and PEKKA It is considered the most effective and conducive strategy to give PT (total loss) to opponents. The reasons why GoWiPe is so good are:
  • Golems have the highest HP in the game (considering the two smallest golems that appear when the first dies);
  • Wizards have the highest DPS in the game area;
  • PEKKAs have the highest melee DPS in the game and are also tough.
GoWiPe is very efficient in guaranteeing 2 stars in the attack. However, the strategy spends a lot of resources and, therefore, is little used when the goal is just farming. Normally, you will only do GoWiPe in clan wars or to raise trophies. The rest of the training is open for debate but, according to the level of the Centro de Vila, some good suggestions are:

Troop suggestion for CV8

  • Troops : 2x Golems, 2x PEKKA, 16x Wizards, 10x Bombers and 6x Archers
  • Spells : 2x Fury, 1x Healing and 1x Poison
  • Clan Castle : 1x PEKKA

Troop suggestion for CV9

  • Troops : 2x Golems, 2x PEKKA, 19x Wizards, 12x Bombers and 5x Archers
  • Spells : 2x Fury, 1x Healing, 1x Poison and 1x Leap
  • Clan Castle : 1x Golem

Troop suggestions for CV10

  • Troops : 2x Golem, 3x PEKKA, 19x Wizards, 12 Bombers, 5x Archers
  • Spells : 2x Fury, 2x Ice, 1x Poison and 1x Leap
  • Clan Castle : 1x Golem
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Watch out for spells!

Pay attention to the spells you use and adapt according to the situation. For example, if you are attacking a CV9 with low-level walls, the Jump spell may not be necessary. Likewise, if you're attacking a CV10 with Inferno Towers, Healing spells won't do you any good. In that case, it is preferable to choose the Ice spell.

How to run GoWiPe on Clash of Clans

First, know that there is no fixed timing for you to release your troops, nor is there a fixed point at which you must initiate the attack. Obviously, the timing of dropping your units depends on the flow of the battle and the starting point will depend on the opponent's layout. However, the basic rules of GoWiPe are as follows: 1. Identify the side of the base that has the most heroes, mortars or the most dangerous buildings. You will always want to get rid of the most difficult first. Then perform this walkthrough: 2. Release the Golems. Make sure they are spaced far enough so that a single defense cannot attack both. 3. Begin to release the Wizards to destroy the outer walls. Position them well spaced to ensure that the entire base will be destroyed within 3 minutes. 4. Release the Bombers in groups of 2 until the outer walls and more layers are destroyed. 5. Release the rest of the Mages. 6. When the path to the center is relatively clear, release the PEKKAs. Distribute them evenly among the group of Mages. The objective is that each PEKKA can protect several Mages in the final moments of the fight. 7. Be aware of the need to use spells. As the units approach the center, use the Fury spell. Also be aware of the time to heal the units. Check out 6 essential Clash of Clans tips!

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