Essential rune guide from Ragnarok Mobile!

The rune system of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is an important feature that offers great advantages to your character, such as extra attributes, new effects on abilities, etc. Check out our Ragnarok Mobile rune guide below!

Quest to unlock the runes

To participate in the quest that unlocks the rune system you must be level 40 or above and be in a guild. If you want to create your own guild, you must use the Emperium item, which costs 200,000 zen in the NPC Event Items in Prontera. Then you must:
  • Go to the Guild Territory (Hall) by clicking on the “ More> Guida> Hall ” icon .
  • Talk to NPC Olrun and complete the four tests. In each one you must kill some monsters and answer a question. For the four tests, the correct answer is always the second option: " Think of good things ", " Open one ", " A lot of dedication " and " Do your best ".
Then, talk to Olrun again and defeat the last monster. Finally, speak with Olrun for the Aesir Monument item. Discover the best places to level up to level 100 on Ragnarok Mobile!

How Runes Work

The rune system is accessed through the Aesir Monument item in your inventory. The system follows the same logic as talent trees from other RPGs. Each rune gives an extra attribute or enhances / adds a specific skill. When obtaining a rune, you start a build and can follow several paths (rune paths), according to the attributes you want. Each rune has a specific attribute:
Rune Attributes
Attack runes ATK, Refine ATK and Hit
Runes of magic ATK M. and Refine ATK M.
Defense runes HP, SP, Def, MDef and Dodge
Attribute runes Strength, agility, vitality, intelligence, dexterity and luck
Skill runes Improvement or new skills
Class runes Runes for specific classes
The rune path you must follow depends entirely on your class and your skill build, so there are numerous variations. See the example:
Example of runes build (rune path) of Wizards and Sorcerers with a focus on the Meteor Storm ability.
To obtain the runes you need to spend Contribution Points . In the case of skill runes, you will also need Gold Medals .

How to reset the runes

If you have missed the build or just changed your mind, you can reset the runes by clicking on the initial golden rune. The process costs zenys but reimburses all Contributions and Gold Medals spent so far.

How to get Guild Contributions and Gold Medals

The ways to farm Guild Contributions are:
  • Donations to the guild at the NPC Guild Manager;
  • Completing guild quests;
  • Completing or helping guild members in the Dojo;
  • Guild Gift;
  • Valkyrie's Guidance Chest (5x Guild Gift).
The ways to farm Gold Medals are:
  • Valkyrie's Guidance Chest (1x Gold Medal);
  • Donating MVP or Mini-boss loots to the guild in the NPC Guild Manager;
  • Poring Fight;
  • Special event rewards.

What if I leave the guild?

If you leave the guild, your runes will not be affected, but half of your Contributions and Gold Medals will be removed. So spend it all before you leave. Get a beautiful CSS code with the new free online tool hosted by HTML Cleaner.

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