If you find Zoe on the Rota do Meio you have to be well prepared to face it! Find out who are the best champions to counter this long-distance wizard who is sometimes difficult to face. Remember, there is always a way to stop any LOL champion.

1. Zed

If you catch Zoe in 1 to 1 you can finish her with one attack! In addition, Zed is a champion with high mobility, who manages to dodge Zoe's attacks. Even after Zoe reaches level 6 and gains the Dimensional Leap, you can still catch her on the counter with your ultimate.

2. Katarina

Katarina is a champion with insane mobility capable of catching Zoe with ease. Katarina also manages to deal a lot of damage in her attacks and in the early stages of the battle, Zoe has a lot of advantage.

3. Yasuo

Zoe finds it very difficult to damage Yasuo outside of self-attack. In addition to mobility, using the Wind Wall, Yasuo doesn't even have to worry about the Soninho Bubble.

4. Malzahar

Malzahar has good Group Control and good damage, which are important characteristics for detonating Zoe. If she uses the Dimensional Jump, respond with the ultimate to finish her off quickly. If you can avoid Zoe's Group Control, you will probably be able to beat her.

5. Fizz

Before level 6, Fizz won't have much of an advantage for Zoe, as the Soninho Bubble will be a big obstacle. But later, when Zoe deals with the other champions who manage to block the bubble, Fizz can stand out.

Other champions who make a good counter at Zoe

  • Kassadin
  • Morgana
  • Twisted Fate
  • Viktor
  • Diana

Fundamental tips to defeat Zoe

  • High mobility champions are ideal for countering at Zoe;
  • When Zoe attacks with the Dodged Star and is turning back, it will do a lot of damage;
  • After using the Dimensional Jump, Zoe returns to the starting point and is vulnerable to counterattacks;
  • Be aware that the Soninho Bubble goes through walls and can take you by surprise;
  • Watch out for Arcane Theft where Zoe takes fragments of your active items and summoner spells to use against you.

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