Building and decorating lots in The Sims 4 can be a difficult task. After all the official furniture and color options are exhausted, what we have left is to explore the personalized content made from fan to fan. Although there are thousands of sources to find separate custom objects, we make your job easier and we have put together the best object packs by themes, completely free! Here you will find free IKEA-style object packs, the perfect decoration for a wedding, an out-of-this-world space lab, and even a university for your Sims to study. We guarantee that from now on your buildings will not be the same.

1. IKEA Home Stuff

IKEA is one of the largest decoration and furniture stores in the world. Renovate your entire home with over 68 new options for beds, sofas, wardrobes, lights and diverse decor inspired by your favorite IKEA furniture. The IKEA Home Stuff object pack is divided into two parts: the first with all furniture except the beds, and the second with only the beds. Download the IKEA Home Stuff here!

2. Rustic Romance Stuff

Valentine's day is coming but you can live in this romantic mood all year round. Rustic Romance Suff is a collection of essential objects and clothes to prepare a wedding ceremony, a perfect first date or decorate the city parks. Includes clothes, hair, external decoration and lots of love! The Rustic Romance Stuff object pack can be purchased as a complete download or in an item-by-item catalog. Download the Rustic Romance Stuff here!

3. Teeny Tots Stuff (For Brats)

Our children grow up so fast! So, now take the opportunity to decorate the brat's room with exclusive and super fun objects. Also try new hair, clothing and dress options for children in the family. The Teeny Tots Suff object pack can be purchased as a complete download, including clothes, accessories, objects and poses for children. To install the poses, it will be necessary to use the Pose Player mod . Download Teeny Tots Stuff here!

4. Dunkin 'Brands Stuff (Donut Shop)

Your chance to build, manage and work in your own Donuts shop has arrived! Decorate your new space with modern and colorful furniture, buy the best restaurant equipment and serve the best donuts in Willow Creek. For your Donuts store to be functional, you need The Sims 4: At Work expansion and the official The Sims 4: Cool Kitchen Stuff object pack . The Dunkin 'Brands Stuff object pack can be purchased as a complete download, including work uniforms, furniture and decor for the store and coffee maker. Download Dunkin 'Brands Stuff here!

5. Stellar Stuff (Stellar Adventure)

Who said we are alone in the universe? Create your Mars summer camp now with the collection of objects inspired by the extraterrestrial world Stellar Stuff. There are 127 spatial decoration objects, clothes, accessories, makeup and tattoos to transform your Sims who live in an alien city. The Stellar Suff object pack can be purchased as a complete download, including decorative objects for homes and Sims, in addition to the Space Lab lot . For the installation of the Laboratory, its respective files must be placed in the Tray folder. Download the Stellar Stuff here!

6. Windenburg University

Enroll your Sims now at the University of Windenburg. Live the university experience by decorating your own republic, exploring the campus, throwing parties every night and tormenting your neighbors. Oh, and if you have free time you can try to study a little. College is the best time in your Sims' lives! The Winderburg University object pack can be purchased as a complete download, including decorative objects for schools, academic uniforms and a university lot (with bedrooms, kitchen, library and classrooms). The campus must be installed in the Tray folder. Download Windenburg University here!

How to install custom content?

Objects and Mods

To install the custom object packages, copy all the ".package" files to the Mods folder , which is under "Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 4 \ Mods". After installing all objects, make sure that the Enable Custom Content and Modifications game setting is enabled. Any questions? Check out our complete mod installation tutorial here!


To install the ready batches, copy and paste all the ".trayitem" , ".blueprint" and ".bpi" files to the Tray folder , located in "Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 4 \ Tray". After installing the batches, make sure that the Enable Custom Content and Modifications game setting is enabled. The lots will be available in the game library. Experience the best custom hair for The Sims 4. Renew your Sims with custom clothing for The Sims 4. Turn your Sims 4 into the Game of Thrones mood.

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