Check out the 8 best Stardew Valley mods and how to install!

Stardew Valley is an extremely fun game, and it gets even more so when using mods. For those who don't know, mods are small modification files created by the community to customize the game in several possible ways. It has mod for all tastes. In this article we selected 8 very useful mods for you to optimize your gameplay. At the end, we also explain how to install and run the modifications. Check out!

1. UI Info Suite

This mod is so good that it even looks like cheat (but it isn't!). It provides numerous that are available in the game, but in the most accessible way possible. Some examples are:
  • Location of NPCs on the map;
  • Shows the received XP;
  • Shows the luck of the day;
  • Shows heart (relationship) levels more accurately;
  • Shows the calendar;
  • When passing the cursor, it shows the type of harvest and the time remaining until it is ready;
  • By hovering the cursor, it shows various information about items in general;
The mod also has many other uses besides those mentioned above. Undoubtedly it is indispensable for those who want to combine many functionalities in a single modification. Click here to download the mod.

2. Gift Taste Helper

Giving gifts is one of the best ways to build relationships in Stardew Valley. To help with the task, Gift Taste Helper informs each NPC's favorite gifts whenever you hover over the villagers in the relationship menu. Since developing relationships is one of the main tasks of the game, the mod also has a less "stolen" function. When you enable it, the list of favorite gifts will only appear if you have already discovered this information on your own. Click here to download the mod.

3. Jump Over

Jump Over is one of the most simple and useful mods in the game. It adds the simple ability to jump. Its main use is to allow you to jump over fences, saving a lot of time that you would use to get around the door. Click here to download the mod.

4. Get Dressed

Get Dressed is a simple mod with purely cosmetic utility. He adds a dressing table and a mirror to his room. By right clicking on them you will have access to a character customization screen where you can change your skin tone, haircut, hair color, clothes and accessories. In addition to the customization options that already exist in the game, the Get Dressed mod also adds more than 100 new customization options. Click here to download the mod.

5. Save Anywhere

This mod allows you to save the game anytime, anywhere, without having to wait until night. Click here to download the mod.

6. BJS Time Skipper

This mod adds a function that is basically a cheat. It allows you to advance the game time by any amount you enter. It is perfect for speeding up the harvest. Click here to download the mod.

7. Night Owl

Another mod that looks like a cheat. It allows you to stay awake during the night of the game, without ever having to sleep. With this mod the game is saved every day at 6 am. Your character will make a faint animation, but you will not lose items and will not automatically return home. Click here to download the mod.

8. Mod Update Menu

The Mod Update Menu is an extremely useful mod manager that can be accessed from the main game menu. Although it does not bring any modifications to the game, it does show which mods in use need to be updated, making life easier for anyone uses several modifications. The Mod Update Menu also shows when the SMAPI (program needed to run mods) is out of date. Click here to download the mod.

How to install mods in Stardew Valley

To install and run mods in Stardew Valley you need to install a program called SMAPI. You can download the application by clicking here . Whenever you want to run the game with mods, you need to run it through SMAPI, and no longer via the game's executable file. After downloading the file, unzip the contents and open the SMAPI 2.11.1 folder. Now attention: if your game was purchased by Steam, just run the executable file " install on windows ". Otherwise, copy the entire contents of the folder, paste it into your game directory, inside the "Stardew Valley" folder, and only then run the installation file. When executing the file marked above, the following screen will appear: Just press key 1 and the installation will be completed quickly. This will create a folder called " Mods " within the game directory. It is inside that you should put the folders of the downloaded mods. Finally, just run the executable file "StardewModdingAPI" found in the Stardew Valley folder. This will run the game with all the mods that are in the "Mods" folder. Remember that you must run the game this way every time you want to use mods. 9 essential tips for beginners in Stardew Valley! Complete list of gifts for each character in Stardew Valley!

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