Last Day on Earth Survival is one of the most exciting games available for mobile . You must survive in a desolate land, without resources and facing mortal enemies. Precisely for this reason the game is also super difficult. With that in mind, we created this article to help you build your defenses and survive for long years!

1. Worry about finding food

Food is your primary concern throughout the game!
Without food you will not go far. Only by eating with good frequency can you stay healthy. In the game there are good options for purchasing food. The fastest and most dangerous is killing wolves and collecting their meat. However, in the beginning it will be difficult to survive many clashes. So focus on planting first. Plant seeds, which will turn into carrots within minutes of being on the ground. Each carrot gives 25 hunger points and increases 15 HP. The advantage is that it can be eaten raw! If you want and can, cook the carrots to gain 5 extra life points. The third method of feeding is to hunt your food. In this case, deer. But be careful! It takes tactics and strategy. If you run after the animal, it will run away and lead you to attract zombies or other dangerous wildlife. The best, therefore, is to use stealth. With a knife, approach behind the animal without seeing it and give a dry blow.

2. Recycle whenever possible

Many items are only available when you consume others. It is only possible to obtain a bottle of water after drinking a whole bottle of water. It's the same with cans! In the case of bottles, it is really important that you do not put it out after drinking its contents. With these objects you can make a kind of rain catchment. After a while, you will have rainwater to drink if you know how to be patient. Anyway, it is worthwhile to discover the utilities of all items in the game.

3. Prepare for the daily horde of zombies

It is inevitable: every day, every 24 hours, your base will be attacked by a horde of zombies. If you don't prepare your defenses well, you will see your walls being destroyed in some places. That's if you have walls! If this is not the case, anything in your shelter can be destroyed. So try to act during your time in favor of building and improving defenses. You don't want to see all your work going downhill after the creatures attack. If you are completely unprepared to face the zombies, a suggestion is to stay on the map screen during the attack. This will prevent you from dying, just having to rebuild everything that was lost.

4. Use the pockets to have more space in the inventory

One thing Last Day on Earth: Survival doesn't tell you is that you don't have to put everything in your backpack . In fact, you can't even do that, since the space of this object is very small. A quick and practical alternative is to put items in your pockets. In the pockets you have 8 spaces, which allows you to collect objects or even food to take to the shelter.

5. Pause the game to avoid starving or thirst

Unfortunately you will not always have water at your disposal ...
Yes, we know you can't pause in Last Day on Earth: Survival . But another thing that the game does not tell you is that the map screen serves as a pause , preventing the bars of hunger and thirst from falling down constantly. This is important, since whenever you are playing you will have to pay attention to these two bars.

6. Go to Base Alpha only after fortifying your shelter

Alpha Base is your best chance to get good weapons early in the game. Going there is essential, but only if you have your shelter strengthened against invasions. Not only that, your own avatar needs to be well prepared. So take it easy and make sure your defenses are in place. When you leave to go to Base, check that your character is minimally armed and has food to recover life. On the way to Alpha you will surely encounter zombies and you will have to defend yourself.

7. Have a strategy to attack the zombies

Zombies are strong and take a lot of damage. Still, you have no intelligence, which makes you a much superior being. So when you go to attack them, as this will eventually happen, be sure to use the right approach! The secret is to be stealthy. Always attack from behind, trying to choose enemies that are alone or in very small groups. Not being seen makes your life much easier. If this is not possible, be assured that you can use a firearm to defend yourself. Using the firearm, do not go out and shoot around. Try to control your nervous finger so you don't waste ammo. In fact, this is even easier if, again, select your zombies well. The ideal is to face one at a time. Hordes are always the recipe for dying.

8. Build the house the right way

Have a functional home so you don't waste resources for nothing!
Building the house, of course, is one of the most important aspects of the game. Without it you will not survive an hour in the game. When building it, make sure you have enough resources. It is not in your interest that she is half or without a door. A house without a door is a waste of time. Even a single door can only be destroyed by C4 explosives, so don't hesitate to have one! This will prevent zombies and other human characters from invading your home, stealing precious items. In terms of size, make a 3x3 box. Small, but ideal for those just starting out. Make sure you have a fire pit, a small box to store items and a bed. That's all you need to start the game well and safely. Remember that the small box holds only 12 items safely. If you need more space, a tip is to go to the truck at the beginning of the game to store more valuable objects.

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