Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has an incredible 74 characters, in addition to the DLC's and there is an incredibly quick way to unlock them all. When you access the game for the first time, the only characters available are: Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox and Pikachu. All others need to be unlocked. In Smash Ultimate, in addition to being able to unlock characters in Classic mode and in World of Light mode, there is a very simple way to unlock ALL characters (except for DLC's) as quickly as possible. Check it out below.

Unlock all characters in the fastest way - Smash mode

First step : start Smash mode and create a game of about 20 minutes. Then choose any stage. When the match starts, just walk and jump over it for the duration of the match. The reason you do this is that some characters are only unlockable after the game records a certain distance covered in matches. So, this step is not mandatory as you can simply play with friends (the more players the better). If you are alone, this is the best method. At the end of it, you will unlock the first character and will also be able to unlock all the others. Second step : still in Smash mode, create a ruleset of 1 stock . Afterwards, choose any character and any stage. As soon as the match starts, kill yourself. Shortly after your opponent's victory animation ends, a new character will appear for a challenge. Beat it and it will be unlocked. See the best tips on how to play REALLY WELL in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! From that point, you can unlock a character per game, just repeat the second step until you unlock them all. But beware: the game only allows you to unlock 1 character every 10 minutes . To get around this, exit the game and return. This will reset the cooldown and allow you to unlock another character immediately. In short: In a 1- stock ruleset in Smash mode, enter any game. Kill yourself. Win the challenge. Exit the game. Enter again. Repeat the process. In about 1 hour and 30 minutes you will have all the characters . The only disadvantage of this method is that it follows a fixed order of characters that will be unlocked, so you cannot choose who to unlock. The specific order is:
  1. Ness
  2. Zelda
  3. Bowser
  4. Pit
  5. Inkling
  6. Villager
  7. Marth
  8. Young Link
  9. Wii Fit Trainer
  10. Ice Climbers
  11. Captain Falcon
  12. Peach
  13. Ryu
  14. Ike
  15. Jigglypuff
  16. King K. Rool
  17. Sonic
  18. Simon
  19. Zero Suit Samus
  20. Little Mac
  21. Isabelle
  22. Shulk
  23. Lucina
  24. Wario
  25. Ridley
  26. Pokemon Trainer
  27. Lucario
  28. Daisy
  29. Roy
  30. King Dedede
  31. ROB
  32. Falco
  33. Luigi
  34. Pichu
  35. Lucas
  36. Richter
  37. Diddy Kong
  38. Meta Knight
  39. Snake
  40. Ganondorf
  41. Corrin
  42. Mega Man
  43. Bayonetta
  44. Toon Link
  45. Rosalina
  46. Incinerate
  47. Sheik
  48. Olimar
  49. Pac Man
  50. Dark Samus
  51. Wolf
  52. Mr. Game & Watch
  53. Robin
  54. Dark Pit
  55. Cloud
  56. Duck Hunt
  57. Ken
  58. Greninja
  59. Chrom
  60. Mewtwo
  61. Bowser Jr.
  62. Dr. Mario
  63. Palutena
Even if you can't choose which character to unlock, it is worth using this method since in a very short time you unlock everyone. Don't worry if you miss a challenge, in the next game (as long as you leave and enter the game) you can still unlock the next character on the list. For example: if you lose to Ness, in the next match you can unlock Zelda. In addition, you can have your rematch against the challengers you lost to . For that, an option will appear sporadically in the "Games and More" menu. Be aware that it will not always be available.

Unlocking specific characters in Classic mode

If you want to unlock a specific character, you need to go to Classic mode or World of Light mode. In Classic, as in previous games, you unlock a character whenever you complete the mode. The character unlocked depends on the character you used. So, if you want to unlock, for example, Wolf, you need to know which character to use. Check below the list of which characters unlock which:
Character to be unlocked Who unlocks
Dark Samus Samus
Luigi Ike
Ness Kirby
Captain Falcon Fox
Jigglypuff Ness
Peach Falco
Daisy Falco
Bowser *
Ice Climbers King K. Rool
Sheik King Dedede and Pokemon Trainer
Zelda *
Dr. Mario Roy, Bayonetta and King K. Rool
Pichu Isabelle
Falco Peach and Captain Falcon
Marth *
Lucina Marth and Ryu
Young Link Simon
Ganondorf Ryu
Mewtwo *
Roy Little Mac
Chrom Ridley and Yoshi
Mr. Game & Watch ROB
Meta Knight *
Pit *
Dark Pit Wario
Zero Suit Samus Captain Falcon
Wario Cloud
Snake Meta Knight
Ike Little Mac
Pokémon Trainer Bowser, Donkey Kong and Mario (if you already have Sonic)
Diddy Kong Dark Pit
Lucas Corrin and Ken
Sonic Mario
King Dedede Pokémon Trainer
Olimar Little Mac
Lucario Yoshi
ROB Luigi
Toon Link Richter
Wolf Peach
Villager *
Mega Man Wario
Wii Fit Trainer Inkling
Rosalina Pokémon Trainer, Pichu and Donkey Kong
Little Mac Bayonetta
Greninja Rosalina
Mii Brawler Cannot be unlocked in Classic
Mii Swordfighter Cannot be unlocked in Classic
Mii Gunner Cannot be unlocked in Classic
Palutena Lucas, Ryu and Young Link
Pac Man Ness (if you already have Jigglypuff)
Robin Zelda
Shulk Pikachu
Bowser Jr. Falco and Donkey Kong
Duck Hunt Pichu
Ryu Marth
Ken Duck Hunt and Ryu
Cloud Dark Samus
Corrin *
Bayonetta Sonic
Inkling Samus
Ridley Lucina
Simon Ice Climbers and King K. Rool
Richter Snake and Young Link
King K. Rool Link
Isabelle Samus and Shulk
Incinerate Wii Fit Trainer
* Pending information.

Unlocking characters in World of Light mode

To unlock characters in World of Light you need to find them on the map. In the images below you can check the location of each one.

World of Light

World of Dark

Character to be unlocked Where to find
Mario World of Light. First character you meet
Donkey Kong World of Light. Marth's Route
Link World of Light. Villager Route
Samus World of Light
Dark Samus The Final Battle
Yoshi World of Light. Sheik Route (Ribbon Road)
Kirby Initial character
Fox World of Light
Pikachu World of Light
Luigi World of Dark (Mysterious Dimension)
Ness World of Light
Captain Falcon World of Light. Villager Route
Jigglypuff World of Light. Sheik Route
Peach World of Light. The Molten Fortress
Daisy World of Dark. Defeat Dry Bowser's Spirit at Dracula's Castle
Bowser World of Light. The Molten Fortress
Ice Climbers World of Light. Villager Route
Sheik World of Light (one of the first 3 routes)
Zelda World of Dark (Sacred Land)
Dr. Mario World of Light. Marth Route (near Luminous City)
Pichu World of Light
Falco World of Light (Space)
Marth World of Light (one of the first 3 routes)
Lucina World of Dark. Right route (The Dark Realm)
Young Link World of Dark (Sacred Land)
Ganondorf World of Dark (Sacred Land)
Mewtwo World of Dark (Mysterious Dimension. Defeat Wispy Wood's Spirit)
Roy The Final Battle
Chrom World of Dark (near a chest. Press A to open the chest)
Mr. Game & Watch World of Light
Meta Knight World of Dark (Mysterious Dimension)
Pit World of Light
Dark Pit World of Dark (defeat Mummy's Spirit at Dracula's Castle)
Zero Suit Samus World of Light
Wario World of Dark (defeat Mummy's Spirit at Dracula's Castle)
Snake World of Light. Marth's Route (get Otacan's spirit first)
Ike World of Dark (Mysterious Dimension)
Pokémon Trainer World of Light
Diddy Kong World of Light (near DK Island)
Lucas World of Light
Sonic World of Dark (Sacred Land)
King Dedede World of Light
Olimar World of Light. Marth's Route
Lucario World of Light. Villager Route
ROB World of Dark (Mysterious Dimension)
Toon Link World of Light
Wolf World of Dark (Mysterious Dimension)
Villager World of Light (one of the first 3 routes)
Mega Man World of Light. Marth's Route
Wii Fit Trainer World of Light. Marth Route (Luminous City)
Rosalina World of Dark (Dark Realm)
Little Mac World of Light
Greninja World of Dark (Mysterious Dimension)
Mii Brawler World of Dark (Sacred Realm. Complete a puzzle involving torches)
Mii Swordfighter World of Light. Villager Route (Town)
Mii Gunner World of Light
Palutena The Final Battle (near Mythra's Spirit)
Pac Man World of Light. Marth's Route
Robin World of Dark (defeat Werewolf's Spirit at Dracula's Castle)
Shulk World of Light
Bowser Jr. World of Dark (Sacred Land)
Duck Hunt World of Light. Marth Route (Hidden Forest)
Ryu World of Light (World Tour)
Ken World of Dark (Dracula's Castle)
Cloud World of Dark (Sacred Land. Unlock Zelda before)
Corrin World of Dark (Mysteriou's Dimension)
Bayonetta The Final Battle
Inkling World of Light (Nintendo Themed City)
Ridley World of Dark (defeat The Creature & Flea Man's Spirit at Dracula's Castle)
Simon World of Light (near the last boss)
Richter World of Dark (defeat all spirits in Dracula's Castle)
King K. Rool World of Dark (Mysterious Dimension, near Risky Boot's Spirit)
Isabelle World of Light. Villager Route
Incinerate World of Dark (The Dark Realm)
Now that you've unlocked all the characters, check out the tips on how to get along in Smash Ultimate!

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