Team Kill Mode (MME) is one of the most popular in Call of Duty Mobile. The fastest matches and the frantic pace attracts many players who want more action and shot exchange. For you who are a fan of Mata-Mata, we brought here 7 valuable tips to improve your results in the middle of the shooting. Check out!

1. Get control of the map: minimap is everything!

If you want to improve your results in the Call of Duty Mobile MME mode, it's time to stop looking at how big a mess and worry about positioning. For this, the minimap is your main tool to gain control of the map and not leave any area unprotected. When starting the game (or after a death), quickly look at the minimap and see which areas are unprotected by your team and choose the one that still needs coverage. You do not necessarily need to advance beyond the middle of the map to gain control of the region. Position yourself safely and don't let any enemy advance. Whenever your team is caught on their backs, it is because there was a big failure in defense, and each time that happens, the score can change dramatically. Be the player responsible for avoiding this!

2. Know when to move forward and gain territory

Still on map control, once all areas are covered by a player on your team, you can choose to advance and gain territory. Know that there is no great need to do this, but reducing control of the opposing team is always good. To move forward effectively, do it slowly. Always protect yourself behind something and don't spend too much time running. Go a little further, stop, aim and then repeat the process. You can pause the advance in whatever area you are well protected in (always look at the minimap to decide this). See the advance as a slow cornering of the rival team. If you go too fast, you can die and all map control can be lost.

3. Don't hide, defend!

Each slaughter or death suffered counts a lot for the final result of the Mata-Mata matches in the Call of Duty Mobile Team. So it is very important that you stay active at all times and avoid hiding in points of little action on the map. This does not mean that you must run to kill (or die), but always be an active element in combat, even in a defensive way. So, don't cam in uninteresting places where few players will pass. As much as this turns into a free kill, you could be much more useful by covering more important parts of the map.

4. Avoid using snipers

Yes. As much as it is satisfying to kill an opponent with one shot, avoid using snipers in Mata-Mata. In addition to forcing you to stay very still, the multikills potential of sniper rifles is very low. Considering that most MME matches are decided with very few points of difference, each slaughter is extremely important. Give preference to good assault rifles as they provide much more mobility and more options for shots. In addition, you can always use them with the same posture as a sniper: campering and holding tickets. Just don't forget to aim at the head to get a similar effect.

5. Use the “Vulture” Advantage

One of the most useful advantages to have in the Call of Duty Mobile MME mode is the Vulture. It is one of the first to be unlocked in the game and allows you to collect ammunition from downed players, basically preventing you from running out of bullets, as it always fills the magazine of the weapon you are using, regardless of capacity. Another very positive factor of the Vulture Advantage is that its usefulness increases with the level of the player. So the better you are, the more time you will pass without dying and the more you will need bullets available. The Vulture Advantage always fills the comb of the weapon you are using, regardless of capacity.

6. Use the Laser Sight

Always use the Laser Sight in the MME. In addition to providing all the necessary precision with red light, the sight also has more mobility and more peripheral vision than the holographic sight, being ideal for the narrow environments of the Team Mata Mata.

7. Play with headphones

Our last tip is very simple but it is crucial to improve your numbers in Team Kill: play with headphones. That way you can know the location of your opponents before they appear on the screen or on the minimap. To do this, just pay attention to the side of the phone where the sounds of gunshots and steps come and prepare accordingly. Click here for more Call of Duty Mobile tips and tutorials! Access the premium HTML editor and use the features like the tag manager, code cleaner, color picker.

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