How to take the rain out in Minecraft and change the weather whenever you want!

Not every Minecraft player likes to play in the rain. We understand that climate change can be boring and hinder your gameplay . If that's your case, calm down! In this article you will know how to take the rain out of Minecraft , to make the sky always clear!

Step 1: connect the cheats of Minecraft

If the cheats are off you will not be able to get the rain out of the game in any way. So what you have to do is create a new world and in the menu select "More world options" . You will be taken to another window, where you must choose to turn on the cheats . Now it is time to continue creating your new world. Keep in mind that this does not affect previously created worlds. Nor will it affect worlds created afterwards, unless you do this same procedure again for the new universe.

Step 2: open the chat window

Now that you have the cheats we can start. Whenever it starts to rain, you should open the chat window . On both Windows and Mac, just press the T key to do this. As soon as the window opens, you must enter the specific command to remove the rain:
  • / weather clear
Note that the command will appear in the left corner of the screen as you type it. When you're done typing, click Enter to make it run. The weather will automatically change in the game, leaving the sky clear and blue. If you want, you can add the command in another way:
  • / weather clear [duration]
[Duration] means the duration in seconds that climate change will take. After that time has passed, the game will return to its standard thematic cycle.

Other climate controls

Just as you can always keep the climate clean, you can also change it to be rainy, thunderous and snowy. The procedure is the same. Don't forget that you have to turn on the cheats before trying to use the commands. Without it, they will not work.
  • Rainy weather: / weather rain
  • Thunderstorm: / weather thunder
  • Snowy weather: / weather snow
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