How to play Mganga in Arena of Valor: tips, build and items

In Arena of Valor, Mganga is a wizard / support hero with great zoning, healing and damage over time ( damage over time - DoT ) skills . Its gameplay revolves around its passive Voodoo Mark, which increases damage and healing caused by other abilities. Learn now everything you need to know about Mganga, The Harlequin of Voodoo!

Get to know Mganga's skills!

 Voodoo Brands

Normal attacks and abilities have a continuous poison effect that deals 25 (+0) magic damage and adds 1 Voodoo Mark to enemy heroes. It can be accumulated a maximum of 5 times.

 Lucky charm

Throws a poisonous cloud at the target area that slowly disperses and inflicts 60 (+0) magic damage for 4 seconds and slows enemies' movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. Mganga creates a charge every 9-12 seconds (depending on the charge), up to 2 charges.

 Toxic Voodoo

Rotate your voodoo staff to deal 90 (+0) magic damage to any enemy hit in the specified direction. However, if a friendly hero is hit, it sets a healing mark on him that restores life.

 Curse of the Harlequin

Causes explosions that deal 120 (+0) magic damage to all surrounding enemies and heal allied heroes for 120 (+0) health. The damage dealt is increased by 120 (+0) per stack for each enemy marked. Life is restored for allies and increased by 50% per stack.

Tips on how to play with Mganga

  • Don't forget that Mganga's main source of damage is his passive. Therefore, during fights, make sure to hit as many skills as possible on your opponents to apply Voodoo Marks and only then use Harlequin Curse. The increase in damage and healing is brutal when many passive charges are accumulated.
  • Because he has damage and healing skills, Mganga needs to be very attentive to what happens during fights. Stay in the rear and play the role your team needs, either contributing to the damage, slowing down enemies with Patuá or even healing your allies.
  • The Patuá skill is very versatile and is great for controlling positioning in fights. So, support your weakest allies and launch Patuá between them and enemies to discourage attacks. In addition, the slowness that the skill causes can be valuable when you need to escape fighting.
  • During the early stages of the game, try to accompany an ally who has some stunning ability. This will make it easier to use your skills and apply Voodoo Marks until you are able to use Harlequin Curse.
  • Mganga's main counter is Chaugnar, since Chaos Protection clears all allies' group control effects. So whenever possible, try to ask your allies to focus the attacks on Chaugnar so that you become more useful in battles.

Best skill build

The skill build of Mganga is quite simple. First upe Toxic Voodoo to the fullest as this will be your main skill on the trails and in fights. Then upe Paduá to become more useful during fights. Finally, up Curse Harler whenever possible.

Core items

These items are mandatory to optimize gameplay with Mganga and should only be replaced in very specific situations.

 Frosty's revenge

Cost: 2020
  • +140 Ability Power
  • +850 Maximum Life
  • + 5% Movement Speed
  • Passive: Cooling: Ability that deals damage will also reduce the enemy's movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds.

 Hecate's Diadem

Cost: 2300
  • +240 Ability Power
  • Passive: Warlock (Ability Power + 35%)

Optional items

 Sphere of the Magi

  • +140 Ability Power
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • Passive: Persistence (obtains 12 more Ability Power and 110 Life every 30 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times)

 Thunder Staff

Cost: 2000
  • +240 Ability Power
  • Passive: Explosion (when an ability hits an enemy, it triggers a small explosion that deals 50 (+ 50% magic damage ability power. 5 second cooldown)

 Rhea's blessing

Cost: 2220
  • +140 Ability Can
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • Passive: Vital Shield (receives a shield when health drops below 40%. This shield absorbs (450+ hero x50 level) (+ 40% ability power) damage for 4 seconds. 75 second cooldown.)
  • Passive: Mana Theft + 25%

 Santos dos Santos

Cost: 2990
  • +400 Ability Power
  • Passive: Illumination (obtains 1400 maximum health)


  • Cost: 1970
  • +180 Ability Power
  • +400 Maximum Mana
  • + 8% Movement speed
  • Passive: Light Blade (when a normal attack hits an enemy, this increases the attack speed by 50%. Duration 4 seconds. 10 second cooldown.
  • Passive: The Light (normal attacks take additional magic damage based on 20% of the hero's Ability Power)


Cost: 2190
  • +200 Ability Power
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • Passive: Elemental Power (after using a skill, the next normal attack deals extra damage equal to 30% of Attack Damage (+ 80% Ability Power) as magic damage. Reload of seconds)

 Enchanted Kicks

Cost: 710
  • Passive: Movement speed +60
  • Passive: Magic Piercing +75

 Blinding Boots

Cost: 690
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • Passive: Movement Speed ??+60

 Arctic Orb

Cost: 2000
  • +200 Ability Power
  • Condensation: Immune to all effects for 1.5 seconds, but will not be able to move or use abilities. 90 second charge.

The best archangels for Mganga

Red Arcana

  • Luck charm
  • Corruption
  • Conjuration

Purple Archangels

  • Absorption
  • Revelation
  • Banquet

Green Arcana

  • Disturb
  • Corrosion
  • Agitation
Learn more about the arcane system!

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