How to play Granny: 8 tips to escape with life from home!

Granny became very popular for being a simple and free game. Available for Android and iOS, it puts the player in the shoes of a person who needs to escape from a home. In it there is an old assassin, who gives the game title its name . Despite the simplicity of the game, not everyone knows how to play Granny without getting frustrated. So in this article we will give you some precious tips to deceive the old woman, solve the house puzzles and escape with life from this mobile horror game !

1. Take only useful items

Don't waste time picking up all the items in the game, otherwise you'll never escape
Since games like Silent Hill and The Resident Evil, players tend to accumulate unnecessary items. After all, you never know when they will be useful! In Granny's case , there are more than a dozen objects you can pick up, but the fact is that only 13 items are useful to win the game:
  • Padlock key (Blue)
  • Hammer
  • Gear
  • Cutting pliers
  • hand crank
  • Theater key
  • Master key (Red)
  • Screwdriver
  • Alarm code
  • Secure Key (Gold)
  • Weapon Key (Made of wood)
  • Car key (Yellow)
  • Melon
  • Shotgun

2. Use unnecessary items to trick the old woman

Let's say you accidentally picked up an item that you know is really useless. Calm down: keep it until you find a secret window or passage that you can enter. Throw the object on the floor and escape, hiding before Granny gets to see it. When you do this, you can investigate other parts of the house to find useful items for your escape. Understand that the way you escape will depend on the objects you find and your ability to use them. The problem is that items can appear randomly on the map. And detail: in each game they appear in different places in the house, so each game session will be a new search for these objects.

3. Focus on picking up the pliers early in the game

The cutter is the only object in Granny that can be used more than once in the same match. That is why it is the first item you should look for. Of course, this will be very difficult, but it is not impossible. If you find it, it has 3 basic uses:
  • Cut the circuit box in the basement, unlocking one of the locks on the front door
  • Disable door alarm
  • Turn off the fan upstairs, giving access to a key item

4. Remember where you dropped the items

The 12 "or shotgun is Granny's best weapon
Thinking that you can only hold one item at a time, but that there are 13 key items in Granny , how can you use them all in your escape? Our advice is to always try to drop them in a place with easy access or at least remember how to access. The best place, by the way, is a door that is high security. The screwdriver is the only item that never moves. He always stays on the bookshelf at the entrance to the house. To gain access to it, you will need to use a shotgun or a crossbow so that it falls to the ground. As you discover new rooms in the house, you may find that there are some spaces in which you can hide items. Holes in the wall or the floor are some of these examples. Finally, a tip is to write down which items you have already picked up, so as not to forget and go out looking for them again. This will avoid wasting time unnecessarily.

5. Hide in tight passages

Granny's old lady can't get down and pass through tight spaces and passages. This is your disadvantage, as it is fast and catches up with you quickly. So use all the passages you find to hide for a while. The best secret passage is the one in the sewing room, upstairs. Don't be alarmed if the old woman looks at you through the passage. To escape, there is a door behind you, which leads into the bathroom. Be quick here, as she will turn around the instant you stop seeing him. Some darker corners of the house are good hiding places too. But not always! Sometimes Grandma walks by, but sometimes she investigates and soon finds you. Staying behind open doors can also be an emergency idea for those who have no way to hide themselves.

6. Take a look at important locations whenever possible

The garage is one of the most important places in the game
There are some places in the house that are essential for you to escape. They will not always have a key to a door, however it is very likely that one of them will have one of the 13 items needed for the escape:
  • Inside the cell's fan: the pliers are necessary to disable the fan, otherwise you will lose your fingers
  • The cellar safe: the safe contains a useful item, but it must be unlocked with a key
  • Playhouse machine: the machine requires a gear to open
  • Car trunk: the garage is a tense place, where you can end up being cornered. With the vehicle key you can open the trunk and even hide in the car in case the old one appears.
  • Basement stairs: next to the basement stairs, there is a box that can be opened with the screwdriver

7. Use headphones

Granny is not a game to play without sound. Of course, a lot of it because the scares are more genuine with a headset. But mostly because you can hear the damn old woman approaching. Hearing her say bizarre things or dropping objects will tell you that it's time to escape. And, reinforcing, use headphones, not your cell phone speaker . They do not handle the most specific sounds and sound effects. Such as the sound of loose boards from the floor that gruesome grandma treads from time to time. In fact, the sound feature is great for you to play yourself when you made a noise you shouldn't have. When this happens, it is time to go looking for a refuge.

8. Attack the old woman

Face the old woman if need be!
Anyone who has died several times trying to defeat the old woman knows that she is immortal. Still, you can knock it down and leave it disoriented for seconds or minutes. It is enough time to catch your breath and continue your search for escape. To do this, you will need the shotgun or crossbow. The beast is right in the room next to which you start the game. But of course obtaining it is difficult: you will need to drop boxes to find the dome in which it is. A key will be needed to open the dome. The beast has 3 tranquilizer darts. In other words: it's 3 shots and that's it, it's over. When not using this weapon, leave it in an accessible location and close to your darts. The shotgun is much more difficult to find. You have to find all your pieces around the house, take them to the garage and build it there.

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