Carl is a super rare Brawler whose main characteristic is his normal attack: a pickaxe that functions as a boomerang full of unique mechanics that make Carl an opponent difficult to master. In addition, Carl is a versatile Brawler for having well-balanced attributes and useful skills in various game modes. Check out everything you need to know to play Carl well in Brawl Stars!

Characteristics of Carl's attacks

Pick : It's the blow that makes Carl so unique. The pickaxe works like a boomerang that causes damage to the round trip. If the target is reached at the maximum stroke distance, it will receive 2 hits automatically (1,280 at level 1 and 1,792 at level 10 in one stroke !!). The pick also means that Carl has only one bar of ammo that automatically reloads when the pick returns. The pick recharge time is variable. If you remain stationary when firing it, the recharge time will be 1.9 seconds. This time can be decreased if you move forward to retrieve it before (1.6s) or increased if you move away after you throw it (2.3s). When Carl is at a minimum distance shooting at a target against the wall, his attack speed becomes the highest in the game (0.7s), as the pickaxe returns immediately. The pickaxe starts the return automatically when it hits walls and obstacles and is able to pass through walls on the way back. These are the variants that make Carl a very unpredictable opponent since his DPS (damage + cooldown) depends a lot on his position. (Super) Slipped : Carl spins for 3 seconds dealing damage to lathes around him while receiving a movement speed bonus that makes him the fastest Brawler in the game for the duration of Super. No effect of the game interrupts the spin, but if Frank uses his stun, Carl will be stuck in place, still spinning. The Super can be activated even when Carl is without the pick. In addition, the hits caused by Super also fill (a lot!) The bar again. That way, if you hit all the hits on an opponent, just two more hits from the pick will be with the Super available again. If more than one Brawler is hit by several hits from the Super, your bar will fill up again and you can use it again right away. (Star Power) Mischief Throw : Increases the speed of the pick, making it fly faster on the way and back.

Carl's attributes

Level HP Damage per hit of the pick Damage per hit Super
1 4,400 640 400
2 4,620 672 420
3 4,840 704 440
4 5,060 736 460
5 5,280 768 480
6 5,500 800 500
7 5,720 832 520
8 5,940 864 540
9 and 10 6,160 896 560
Cooldown while standing still 1.9
Reach 8.0

Tips on playing with Carl

  • While other Brawlers need to protect themselves when they are out of ammo, Carl only needs to do this when he needs to regenerate HP. Its unique ammunition mechanic allows it to chase enemies to secure kills while shortening the reload speed by trimming the pickaxe as it returns.
  • Mirror your opponent's movement to ensure that the pick will hit you on the turn.
  • The pick passes through walls (without destroying) on its return. Combine that with your movement to hit those flat angles where enemies can protect themselves.
  • If you hit the round and round hits, the pick fills the Super bar twice.
  • It takes 6 hits to fill the Super, that is, 3 complete strokes of the pick.
  • Carl has insane damage when his opponent is against the wall. Try to take combat into these situations.
  • The more walls, the better for Carl. That's because his pick starts automatically when he hits an obstacle and also because Carl can hit unlikely angles when the pick comes back.
  • Be careful when attacking from thickets as the pickaxe's return path will show your location.
  • Carl's Super makes you immune to any sluggish effect.
  • Carl still takes normal damage during his Super, so be careful to feel very confident.
  • Despite the previous tip, the best use of Carl's Super is when two or more opponents are close. Depending on the number of hits hit, your Super may refill for you to continue the massacre.
  • A well-rounded Super can kill most Brawlers at once.
  • Super gives Carl the fastest movement speed in the game. Use this to get out of difficult situations or to confirm kills quickly.
  • In Combat mode , Carl deals a lot of damage to vaults near the wall.
  • In Robbery mode , Carl is one of the best Brawlers to break the safe.
  • In Fute-Brawl mode , Carl is the only Brawler capable of shooting without expending ammo.
  • In Pique-Gema mode , Carl is a good laner and a good gem carrier since he has good HP and high mobility with the Super.
  • You can rotate the directional very fast to make it look like you've used the super and bait your opponents to get closer. You will be surprised at how many players fall for this trick.

How to play against Carl

Carl is a very good Brawler, balanced and without exploitable weaknesses. However, here are some tips on how to counter Carl:
  • Prioritize open areas and stay away from walls.
  • If there is a chance that he will have the Super loaded, just get away. Wrap up the duel and make him use the Super from a distance to reach you. That way you avoid the initial hits of the scam.
  • If you're playing with long-range Brawlers who fire a lot of shots, use the pick path to predict Carl's movement.
  • Keep any skills you hold in place or keep them away when Carl uses his Super. Any hit that doesn't connect to you greatly increases your chance of winning the x1.
  • If you are playing with Brawlers that do a lot of burst damage (a lot of damage at once), be patient. Wait in thickets and wait for Carl to use his Super to attack him right after.
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