The Guild Festival is one of the most important events on Lords Mobile . It is a kind of convention, which brings together several of the game's guilds. This meeting takes place so that these groups obtain points, prizes and experience. It is a monthly event, but it requires some prerequisites for players to participate. There are many missions that you can complete to earn points. Some are easier than others, while others are virtually impossible to complete, depending on your level and power. Naturally, you must belong to a guild to participate in the Festival, and your castle must be at least level 15 to access the event. In order to make the most of the benefits of this event, in this article we have separated 10 essential missions at the Festival. In addition, we also give some tips to get the tasks done in the best possible way.

1. Win Coalition battles in the Nest of Darkness and obtain essences

Winning Coalition battles in the Nest of Darkness and obtaining essences are two very similar missions. For this reason, we decided to present them together. Both are related to overcoming the Dark Forces with their guildmates, although there is a very important difference between them. On the one hand, the mission of winning battles requires you to be a group captain. If not, fulfilling this mission will be of no use, even if you participated in the group So don't even waste your time attacking enemy strongholds if that is not the case. On the other hand, to obtain essences it is not mandatory to be a captain. You just have to participate and overcome the strongholds with your guild. Below is a tip for each of these missions:
  • Win battles : don't worry about looking for level 2, 3 or 4 fortresses. Attack level 1 Dark Nests, as it will be faster and safer, with a lower percentage of injured troops. So you can defeat more enemies in less time.
  • Obtain essences : in general, it is necessary to have 4 essences or more to validate the mission. When you get three essences, try to enter your Transmutation Lab and throw one or two away, so you can get more. Don't worry, as they will have already been validated for the mission.
Finally, unless your guild is made up of members with level 25 castles and level 4 troops, don't try to earn essences with levels above 19! You will find these only in Level 5 Dark Nests, the most difficult of which are the whole game. They are only suitable for guilds with a lot of power.

2. Provide resources to allies

This is one of the easiest missions, as it can be completed efficiently, especially if you have several companions to help you. The objective is simple: send resources to allies. It is still important to keep some recommendations in mind before doing this task:
  • Make sure you have a lot of the resource that the mission asks you for. It is normal for you to spend a lot on this type of task, and the idea is not to run out of resources.
  • You can wait for the "Supply Resources" mission to appear, which allows you to send any type of resources to your allies to complete this task. It is less expensive, but it will require better communication and cooperation.
  • Improve your trading post. It is a building located to the left of your territory, which helps you to send more resources, paying less taxes.
  • Ask your guild mates to return the resources you send. This strategy is smart and can be repeated several times. You can resend what is returned to you and thus avoid permanently spending many resource packs.
Having the ability to defend yourself while dedicating yourself to sending resources is also very important. It is an easy mission, as you can see, but it requires time, focus and a lot of concentration.

3. Send help to your battle companions

There is not much to say about this mission. It is literally the easiest task at the Guild Festival, as sending help is something we are used to doing. One tip is to try to be connected and active at the time your guild has more active members as well. That way, you will be sure to be able to send as much help as possible. A quick way to achieve this goal is to ask a partner to perform various low-level construction and research. It is a tactic not to waste too much time, as well as being cheap. As a positive point, buildings hardly need resources until they reach level 10. Already helping with research, unfortunately, can be more expensive, since they cannot be redone.

4. Complete administrative and guild missions

Administrative and guild missions are those that we can complete in the "Mission" menu. It is easy to accumulate several of these completed tasks, but they have a "snag": their respawn time is 6 hours. Since completing a dozen administrative or guild missions every 6 hours will never be enough, you must use the mission papyri. These papyri can be accumulated by opening the mystery boxes or buying them with guild coins. In any case, you should know that administrator missions are more accessible than guild missions. There are two reasons for this. The first is that in the "Mission" menu you will always have more administrative and guild missions available. The second reason is that it is much cheaper to buy administrative mission papyri. For this reason, if you see this task at the Guild Party, prioritize it without a second thought! These two missions have a good return if they are done right after completing the mission "Spend guild coins", which we explain in the next point.

5. Spend guild coins

The mission title is very clear. All you have to do is spend guild coins. We recommend taking the mission that asks for 500,000 coins, if your clan is not very numerous or active. If it is big and there is a lot of movement in your guild, it will not be difficult to accumulate more than one million coins. An important tip: do this mission in preparation for another one . Do not spend coins without a purpose, otherwise the purpose of that task is lost. You must therefore devise a strategy. When you accept this mission, think about which one you will complete later, so that you spend your money on the necessary items. That is why it is highly recommended to combine this task with completing administrative missions.

6. Climb the coliseum

The mission to climb the ranking is also quite simple. To complete it, you must enter the coliseum , challenge players and win battles. You will move up several positions in the rankings with each victory, but you must remember that you only have five free attempts. If you fall defeated when challenging someone, you will lose an attempt, but not ranking positions . Although you can use gems to buy more attempts, it is best not to. To ensure that this mission is really easy to accomplish, pay attention to the following questions:
  • Until you start the Guild Festival, don't go to the coliseum. This will cause you to decrease many levels, as you will be challenged by other players, who will surely beat you.
  • When you start this mission, challenge someone of high level, but who has characters with little power. Change your opponents until you find the perfect victim.
It is more than certain that you will defeat your opponent. If you follow this tactic, you can increase 50 or more points with a single win. That way you will earn a lot of points for your guild with just two or three attempts.

7. Complete hero levels

Completing the heroes' levels seems very simple, but if you want to score a lot of points, you'll need the Brave Hearts. You can obtain them by opening the mystery boxes , completing tasks that contain this prize, or by purchasing them with gems. Each costs 2,000 gems, and few are really willing to spend their precious stones on it. Still, if you are a player who has no problem spending a little money, look for the cheapest Braveheart packages. Finally, it is advisable to do scans of normal stages already completed. The reason for this is that a Braveheart will allow you to do up to twenty scans. Each sweep will help you level up your heroes, so it's a very useful mission.

8. Make exchanges on the cargo ship

These exchanges are made on the freighter that is in its own territory, on the coast. If you have already made a trade, you will know that you normally ask for a resource in exchange for another or an accelerator. One thing you should know is that this purchase is always worthwhile. It is a simple mission to complete and only asks you to be connected every 6 hours, to make new exchanges as soon as possible.

9. Use accelerators

The task of using accelerators can seem daunting, especially if it is to reduce 10 or 16 days. If what you want is to help your guild succeed at the Festival, try not to use any accelerators until then. If you do, we ensure that you will have more than enough accelerators to complete the task. In any case, we recommend that you take the time to add up the total number of days that you can reduce. To give you an idea, here is a table with the number of accelerators you would need for each type, depending on the chosen mission:
Accelerator 3 days 10 days 16 days
1 minute 4,320 14,400 23,040
3 minutes 1,440 4,800 7.680
5 minutes 864 2,880 4.608
10 minutes 432 1,440 2.304
15 minutes 288 960 1.536
30 minutes 144 480 768
60 minutes 72 240 384
3 hours 24 80 128
8 hours 9 30 48
15 hours 4.8 16 25.6
24 hours 3 10 16
It is good that you plan how you will use these accelerators. Don't stop hunting monsters, opening chests or making exchanges for more. If you were looking for the perfect day to do important research or level up your castle, now is a good time! The good news is that all types of accelerators are used to accomplish this task.

10. Hunt monsters

The last mission we propose also requires preparation. When completing tasks, do monster hunts and open chests, accumulating energy packs. Keep them until the Guild Festival begins. Unless you are able to hunt several monsters a day, you will not be able to complete more than one mission at a time. Fortunately, it is a task that benefits you in many ways. Each time you attack a monster, you will receive up to four prizes. This means that if you accept the mission to attack 80 times, you can receive between two hundred and three hundred prizes. We clarify that the task is to attack a number of times, not a number of different monsters. If you want to do this mission, one last tip: hunt for level 1 monsters. Weaker monsters are easier to kill, so the task is accomplished more successfully and without spending a lot of energy.

Other tips for triumphing at the Guild Festival

  • Save all the resources you can for the Festival.
  • If the clan does not ask for a minimum of 100 points per mission, recommend everyone to do so. More points means better rewards.
  • Communicate with your colleagues so that there is greater efficiency when performing tasks. If there are no problems, tell them to leave one of these ten missions for you.
  • Try to change the equipment according to the mission you take. You can greatly reduce construction, research and collection time, among other advantages.
  • Be patient. You have an entire week to do missions, so don't try to do everything on the same day.
  • If you have a lot of jewelry, you can buy an extra try that will help you get even more points.
See also general tips for doing well on Lords Mobile ! Don't know who are the best heroes of Lords Mobile ? Check it out here! This document has been composed with the free HTML converter. Click here to give it a try.

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