All about Overwatch 2: heroes, maps, missions and more

Overwatch 2 was officially announced at Blizzcon 2019 and we are already eyeing all the news. Although the game has not yet been released, much has been released about its content and we decided to bring here everything we already know about this somewhat ... curious sequence. Check out the news and watch the official game trailers at the end!

Overwatch 2: continuation of the first?

Yes, but not as we are used to seeing. Despite being a new game, Overwatch 2 looks more like a big expansion that will bring a lot of novelties to the gameplay and the history of the game, without really ending with the first title. In fact, most of the additions brought in Overwatch 2 will also be released in Overwatch at no additional cost. Blizzard's goal is for the two games to coexist and for players who choose not to purchase the new title to still be able to take advantage of the new heroes and new multiplayer modes. Blizzard also said players from both games will be able to compete against each other in the PVP. Even so, of course, there will be exclusive content for those who buy the new game.

PVE Focus: Story Missions and Hero Missions

Apparently, the main novelty of Overwatch 2 is the focus on PVE (Player vs Environment), that is, player against the machine. The game will have a campaign with several Story Missions, which will be cooperative modes based on the Archive of temporary events that occurred in Overwatch in recent years. According to the trailer, the missions will be largely based on the Insurrection event, and players will need to fight the Null Sector on maps in Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Toronto, Route 66, etc. In Story Missions, players will be able to collect items that slightly modify the character's playing style, such as HP Generator, Corrosive Grenade or a shield like Winston's. Thus, any player will be able to obtain new equipment, but will not be able to take it to other missions. In Hero Missions, players will be able to upgrade their characters to unlock various skill customization options. Everything indicates that the mode will be made to be played several times until you get the skills you want. However, there is nothing to suggest that the modifications can be used in PVP.

New heroes: Sojourn confirmed

Blizzard said the launch of Overwatch 2 will bring several new heroes to both games. So far, however, the only new 100% confirmed character is Sojourn, and everything indicates that she will be targeted for damage (considering the giant weapon she has in place of her left spleen). It is also speculated that Echo will become a playable heroine due to its large participation in the game's ad animation. If the video is any indication, the character will have a strong focus on movement and will join Pharah in the cast of flying characters.

New look for heroes

Apparently, all the characters have undergone some kind of remodeling and the game seems to adopt a slightly more "serious" style instead of the cartoon look. While some heroes gained more detailed features, others received new hairstyles, clothes, etc.

New PVP mode: Advance

Overwatch 2 will also feature a new mode called Advance. Apparently, the mode will act as a kind of tug of war in which two teams fight for control of a giant robot that pushes a barrier back and forth on the map. During Blizzcon, assistant director Aaron Keller reported that the mode will be very conducive to flanking, since the path taken by the robot will be full of connections and shortcuts. In addition, the mode will bring about a good change in the metagame and give more usefulness to good heroes to flank like Tracer and Reaper.

New maps

The Overwatch 2 panel at Blizzcon revealed five new maps: Toronto, Monte Carlo, Gothenburg, Rio de Janeiro and another one whose name has not been revealed. So far, we only know that Toronto will be a map for the new Advance mode, and that Monte Carlo appears to be an Escort map. Director Jeff Kaplan also said that all modes will gain new maps with the release of Overwatch 2, so there is still much to be disclosed.

All skins from the first game can be used in Overwatch 2

This is information that certainly made the whole community happy. The entire base of players' skins can be fully transferred to Overwatch 2 (cheering fans cheering).

After all, what content will be shared between Overwatch and Overwatch 2?

This information is not yet definitive, but basically, all content related to PVP (maps, heroes, modes, etc.) will be released equally for both games. So far, we know that the only exclusive content for Overwatch 2 will be related to PVE modes, which makes us think that all modifications acquired in Hero Missions cannot be used against other players. We still don't know yet whether Overwatch will receive any type of remodeling of the characters to keep up with the best graphics of Overwatch 2. We just know that everyone will be together killing themselves in the PVP, but we will keep you updated! Check out the official Overwatch 2 ad animation below: See also the official gameplay trailer: Click here for more Overwatch tips and tutorials! Browse the best online HTML tools: editor, tags, cheat sheet, character codes, tag generators, website templates and more.

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