How to play Butterfly in Arena of Valor: build, arcana and tips

Butterfly is known as the Whisper of Death in Arena of Valor - and with good reason. The assassin is one of the players' favorite choices and is considered one of the most powerful heroines in the game, thanks to her lethal combination of agility and expertise in the massacre of the enemy team. Now get to know the essentials to detonate with Butterfly in Arena of Valor battles !

Know the lethal abilities of the heroine

 Passive: Assassin

When Butterfly kills or grants assistance, the cooldown of all her abilities is reset and 15% of her lost Life is restored.


The assassin turns her sword against all opponents around her, dealing 200 (+115) Physical Damage and reducing the Movement Speed of enemies hit by 50% for 2 seconds.

 Cutting Shot

The heroine throws her blade at all enemies in her path, dealing 390 Physical Damage (+221). Butterfly's Attack Speed is increased by 50% for 3 seconds.

 Ultimate: Sneaky Stab

Butterfly appears through the enemy with the highest Health, with priority for opposing heroes over minions or monsters. In this appearance, the assassin stabs the target mercilessly, inflicting 525 (+238) physical damage. In the meantime, Butterfly's damage reduction is increased by 60% and Movement Speed is increased by 50% for 1 second.

Tips to do well with Butterfly

  • Butterfly can be absolutely destructive in killing enemies, but she must not start team combat. Leave this job to your team's tanks and enter when the battle is halfway through, focusing your attention on enemy Supporters and Snipers. It is worth remembering that this murderer is fragile in terms of the Constitution and you need to take this into account to get the most out of her.
  • This is a heroine who can do immense damage in duels, it is important that you spend your time selecting and eliminating isolated enemies.
  • At the beginning of the game, use Butterfly to shoot down monsters in the jungle to gain experience and gold. If you are a jungler in the beginning, you will quickly gain dominance in the early game phase - invest all your buffs in ganking the enemy team.
  • If you are surrounded by enemies and need to escape quickly, use your ultimate to position yourself behind the opposing hero with the lowest Health level. Eliminate the enemy and escape while still alive.

Leveling your skill build the right way

Always give priority to the ultimate (Sneaky Stab) whenever possible. With a low cooldown, coupled with your bonuses, this skill makes Butterfly truly dangerous. When the battle begins, choose your second skill to reveal. With Slash Shot, the assassin quickly becomes more ready to be the jungler her team needs. The last skill on his priority list is the first, Tourbillon, which does not maximize heroin.

Essential items of the heroine build

Want to know what equipment makes Butterfly even more deadly? Take a look at our choices of essential and optional items for the killer.

Core Items

Fenrir's Tooth Cost: 2950
  • +200 Attack Damage
  • Passive: all damage is increased by 30% when the target's Health drops below 50%
Ax of Arrogance Cost: 1500 +800 Maximum Life
  • With Coldness effect (guarantees extra damage and greater control in combat, very useful for junglers)
  • Passive: Flaming Magic (deals 90 Magic Damage (+5 per level) to closest opponents every second (damage doubles when they are minions or monsters)
  • Passive: Hunter (30% more damage from fighting monsters, and 30% more experience from killing monsters)
  • Passive: Quest and Destruction (eliminating a monster gives the hero 70 Maximum Life. Accumulating effect up to 15 times)
Golden Boot Cost: 690
  • +110 Magic Defense
  • Passive: +60 Movement Speed
  • Passive: 35% reduction in magic damage received

Optional Items

Break Row Cost: 2060
  • +100 Attack Damage
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • Passive: Wind Step (Movement Speed increased by 10% after exiting the battle)
  • Passive: Smash (armor penetration increased by (100 + hero level x10)
The beast Cost: 1740
  • +100 Attack Damage
  • + 25% Life Theft
Longinus Spear Cost: 2060
  • +80 Attack Damage
  • + 15% Recharge Reduction
  • +150 Armor
  • Passive: Crunch (after damaging an enemy, reduces his Armor by 50 for 5 seconds. Accumulating effect up to 5 times)
Ancestral Glory Cost: 2240
  • +1000 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Resurrection (your character revives on the spot 3 seconds after dying with 40% of maximum Life)
Muramasa Cost: 1980
  • +70 Attack Damage
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • Passive: Armor piercing + 40%
Armor of Pain Cost: 1940
  • +300 Armor
  • +1200 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Strike (when taking Physical Damage, 15% of the damage is reflected as Magic Damage against opponents, based on the original damage)

The ideal Arcana for Butterfly

Red arcana

  • Obliteration
  • Massacre
  • Sneaky Stab
  • Skillful

Purple arcana

  • Tirana
  • Greed
  • Fury

Green arcana

  • Sting
  • Wild
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