FPS meter: 4 ways to see the frames per second of your games

Every PC gamer is curious to know how many frames per second the games are running on their machines. In some titles this can be seen in the game's settings , but in many cases this option is not available. That's why we brought you 3 basic tools, which serve as SPF meters.

The higher the frame rate per second, the better the graphics

1. NVIDIA's GeForce Experience

Anyone who is experienced at playing on the computer probably already has this tool or at least has heard of it. Anyway, it only works if you have a company video card and if it supports ShadowPlay. If you meet these requirements, go to the Nvidia website. Download the GeForce Experience . With it, you can use ShadowPlay, whose primary function is to capture screens while you play. One of its secondary functions, however, is to say how many FPS a game is running with. When entering GeForce Experience, verify in the settings that ShadowPlay is active. If so, enter that section and go to the FPS Counter . Now just choose which corner of the screen it will appear. In that same menu you can select a shortcut keyboard for the FPS Counter. This will allow you to disable it whenever you want.

2. Steam

Downloaded or purchased a game through Steam? Lucky you! If you are going to play using this platform, you are exempt from any extra tools. Steam already has its own option for making this measurement, and it is very simple to use. All you have to do is go to the Steam menu . Once there, go to the In game section . Now activate the Frame per second (FPS) counter . Now whenever you play any game on that platform, you'll know how your machine is running in terms of frames .

3. Fraps

Fraps is an unfortunately paid program, but for your happiness it has a free version. This version has an SPF meter. All you have to do is go to the official website of the program and download it to your computer. Once the application is downloaded and installed, open it. Go to the FPS tab and select the option for the meter to start working. In that same section you can select the corner of the screen where it will appear, as well as which keyboard shortcut to use to enable / disable the meter.

4. MSI Afterburner

This is a program that you can download to optimize your hardware and get more power from your video card. This, of course, if done correctly, can improve the frames per second of your games. As expected, this software has an FPS meter. To use it, first go to the program's website and download it. When it is properly installed, access the settings and go to the monitoring tab. Select the option to activate the frame rate meter . Now enable it on the screen to appear during your gaming sessions!

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