Among Us is a game available for Android that has won over players for its simple premise: we have several players in a spaceship, one of whom is an imposter. The crew's goal is to find out who this impostor is, to expel him from there. Easy to understand, but not so easy to execute. If you are just starting to play, you already noticed that this game is kind of complex in the gameplay . So that you can have fun with it, we have separated some very useful tips so that you don't get frustrated and don't end up giving up Among Us .

1. Understand your roles: crew member or imposter?

Deciding who the ship's imposter is is a democratic process in Among Us
The basis of Among Us , as we briefly explained above, is that a member of the ship's team will attempt to sabotage it. In fact, it is possible to have up to three imposters per match. To win, they need to do some small and complicated tasks. As they will always be outnumbered, the tendency is to end up losing as losers. The functions of each type of character are always the same within a game. So just understand once to have no more doubts. Below you can see exactly how to play as a crew member and as an imposter.

Crew member

Crew members have a responsibility to find out who the imposters are or who are on the ship. To do this, first of all they need to stay together, since impostors can kill them. So always stay close to other players that you believe to be a crew member. In the quest to find out who the group's villains are, crew members must discover lifeless bodies and sabotaged parts of the ship. Whenever this happens, someone must press the emergency button in the center of the room. So a meeting is called, in which a vote is made to see if a player will be expelled from the ship or not. If the saboteurs are expelled, the crew wins. Another way to win is to do all the chores before the entire crew is killed.


Impostors need to make the crew confused about who is sabotaging the ship. So if you are an imposter, never skip your vote. Choose who you think will receive the most votes from the majority, to try to send him out of the ship instead. Anyway, if you're playing as an imposter, there are three ways to win the game:
  • kill enough of the crew to outnumber it
  • send crew members out of the ship, as if they were imposters
  • destroy the Reactor or Oxygen Supply

2. Know how the rules of each game will be

The lobby is that room before we get to the ship. There is some very important information on the screen while we wait for all players to get together. Although it does not seem, it is easy to understand them. They are basically the rules of that match, as you can see below. As there is no Portuguese version for Among Us , we leave the information in English.
  • Imposters: indicates the number of imposters in that match
  • Emergency Meetings: shows how many emergency meetings can take place in that match
  • Discussion Time: discussion phase, in which all players defend and accuse each other
  • Voting time: time for players to vote for who they want to expel from the ship
  • Player Speed: player movement speed
  • Crew Light: line of sight of a crew member
  • Imposter Light: line of sight of an imposter
  • Kill Cooldown: time the imposter has to wait before he can start killing
  • Kill Distance: minimum distance that the imposter must be from a crew member to be able to kill him
  • Tasks: number of tasks that crew members need to complete to win a match

3. Always participate in the discussion phase

The discussion phase is essential, both for imposters and for crew members. Let's say you are an impostor, for example. If you are being accused of being the saboteur, you will need to defend yourself against the charges. You will have very little time for this, so be very careful! Likewise, if you are accusing the wrong person, you, as an impostor, can lie and accuse that person to get him out in your place. If you are a crew member, this is even more important. Mainly because in many cases crew members are sent away unfairly. Pay close attention to the discussion to get a more accurate idea of who the big saboteurs are or who they are.

4. Crew member: move in groups, use cameras and avoid sabotage

By following a few tips, you will have a better chance of surviving and finding out who the imposters are on your ship. First, as we said above, never be alone. This is the basic rule for every member of the Among Us crew . At the same time, never go in pairs. You have no way of knowing if your partner is not the killer. For that reason, running to be part of a group is the smartest. If you find a mass attack, you are more likely to be able to move to the emergency button.

Finished a task? Search the video footage for the criminal

Whenever you finish a task, especially a short one, go to the cameras and look for the imposter. Hopefully it will be possible to identify it before it causes too much damage. This is also a way to gather evidence in case of an emergency meeting with all players.

Always respond to sabotage in the Reactor and Oxygen Supply

If an imposter sabotages the Reactor or the Oxygen Supply, defeat is immediate for the crew. So when the message appears saying that there is an attempt at sabotage in one of these parts, run there. The Supply can be repaired quickly even if you are alone. The Reactor needs at least two people for the repair to be carried out. So give preference to the first, if both are sabotaged at the same time. Don't forget, however, the importance of walking in a group. Sometimes playing the hero can be a bad idea.

5. Impostor: attack distracted crew, use ventilation to escape and learn to lie

Impostors clearly have a more difficult life in Among Us , as they are outnumbered. This does not mean, however, that they cannot be successful. It starts with the fact that they can attack and murder the crew, while the crew cannot attack them. So try to privilege those distracted crew, who are alone. They are easy prey if you know how to approach them. In that sense, always keep an eye on everything around you. Sometimes you may be surprised by a crew member you didn't count on.

Ventilation is a great escape route

Having killed someone or sabotaged Oxygen or Reactor, you can use ventilation as an escape route. After all, it's a little stupid to just walk around right after your criminal act. Use ventilation to get out of the crime zone and mix with the other crew. In fact, it is important to find an alibi. Sometimes it is not enough for you to simply run away. Don't forget that someone may have seen your actions on the cameras. For that, it may be enough to walk side by side with a crew member or even try to incriminate someone else.

Learn to lie in emergency discussions

Emergency discussions are the most complex moment for an imposter. It doesn't matter if there are only you or other impostors in the game: even if you haven't done something wrong yet, they may try to frame you. This tactic can be used against you, just as you can use it to your advantage. In any case, it is essential to learn to lie during discussions. Hit the foot, accuse someone else, invent an alibi, but don't let anyone accuse you. If you remain silent, it is possible that they will accept your silence as guilt. And there will be no escape in the vote.

6. Choose to enter matches with more than one Impostor

The administrator of each host game defines how many Impostors there will be per session. Ideally, you should invest in matches that contain more than one Impostor. This will make the game more dynamic and, of course, make it easier for you to win. Regardless of whether you will be Crewmate or not. If you end up being Crewmate , it's easier to find out who the Impostors are or who they are. But if you're an Impostor and you have two other Impostors at stake, it's easier to kill other players and become winners!

7. Use the map always!

The map is the best friend of all the crew and the Impostors in Among Us . With it you look where you should go to perform all your tasks, especially if you are a Crewmate . This will facilitate problem solving and will certainly prevent you from wasting time shifting randomly. In addition to, of course, preventing you from suffering a painful death. Use the online HTML converter tool to compose the content for your website easily.

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