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The title "Master of Arms" is one of the most desired by PUBG Mobile players and also one of the most difficult to achieve. If you are trying to become Master of Weapons and have not yet succeeded, we bring you the best tips for you to finally achieve the achievement. Check below the step by step to become Master of Arms in PUBG Mobile!

How to Become Master of Weapons in PUBG Mobile

You must be in the Platinum rank or higher to earn the "Master of Weapons" achievement. In addition, in the same match you must:
  • 1. Kill someone with an assault rifle;
  • 2. Kill someone with a sniper;
  • 3. Kill someone with a submachine gun;
  • 4. Kill someone with a shotgun;
  • 5. Kill someone with a grenade or molotov cocktail;
  • 6. Kill someone run over.

1. Play with low-ranking friends

If you have friends to play with, enter double or squad mode. This will make everything a lot easier since your partners can carry different weapons for you. Thus, you can take a rifle and a sniper while your partner takes a submachine gun and shotgun, for example. When you get the kills with the two weapons you carry, exchange them with your partner and continue the conquest. Obviously, warn your partners not to kill anyone you need. If your friends are on ranks below yours, it will make lower level players join the game, making things even easier. Know all the patents and know how to go up!

2. Take down opponents with good weapons, kill them with the right

Another reason to play doubles or squads: to get the title “Master of Weapons” you just need to KILL opponents in the right ways, that is, you can knock them out the way you want (especially with rifles and snipers). When you take them down, switch weapons and finish them off with the missing weapons to conquer. The tip also serves for grenades or molotovs and run over. Never waste the chance to kill someone with weak weapons, you may not have another chance in that match. Check out our super guide to all PUBG weapons!

3. Get off the plane last and kill bots

Wait for the plane to complete its journey, so you will automatically jump to the last possible place. That way you have a lot of chances of falling close to players who were AFK ( away from keyboard ), disconnected, etc. This will facilitate the most difficult kills like shotgun and grenade. Usually bots also appear to kill absent players. Take advantage of this early game to get kills with weak weapons like submachine guns, shotguns, grenades or molotovs. Another good way to attract bots is to drive to isolated places (uninteresting to players) and make noise, whether shooting or honking. Check out 8 tips for doing well in PUBG Mobile War Mode!

4. You don't have to win the game

Once you get kills with all the necessary weapons, you don't have to win the game. As long as you do not abandon the game, you will receive the title "Master of Arms" even if you die. Now see the best tips to come out victorious on PUBG Mobile and how to optimize PUBG to run smooth!

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