Call of Duty Mobile: discover the best weapons in the game!

With the arrival of Call of Duty Mobile, it's time to dig deeper and get to know the important details that make all the difference. Therefore, we brought here the list of the best weapons in the game in each category for you to choose your equipment well in the next match. Check out!

AK47: the best assault rifle in the game

The AK47 does great damage, but has a very strong recoil. It is not very favorable for beginning players, but it is one of the most sought after by experienced players. Over time you learn to control this lethal weapon.
Damage 70
Rate of fire 55
Precision 45
Reach 65
Mobility 60
Category Assault rifle
Unlocked at level 23


The low precision and very high rate of fire make the Type25 a weapon more focused on close-range combat. The luck is that she is extremely good in these cases.
Damage 55
Rate of fire 70
Precision 45
Reach 60
Mobility 40
Category Assault rifle
Unlocked at level 104

DL Q33: the most lethal sniper

If you prefer to execute your opponents from a distance, your best option is the DL Q33. Its extremely high damage and high accuracy make this sniper the best for beginners, and one of the most reliable weapons in the game.
Damage 85
Rate of fire 15
Precision 60
Reach 45
Mobility 95
Category Sniper Rifle

Chicom: the most versatile submachine gun

Chicom has great damage to a submachine gun, in addition to providing good mobility. In attributes, it is very similar to the HG40, but it benefits much more from accessories.
Damage 75
Rate of fire 65
Precision 60
Reach 40
Mobility 80
Category Submachine gun
Unlocked at level 72


In the category of light machine guns, the UL736 stands out a little above the others. In terms of damage, the weapon competes even with the AK47. Regarding the attributes, the UL736 is very similar to the S36, but it becomes much better when equipped with accessories.
Damage 70
Rate of fire 60
Precision 45
Reach 55
Mobility 40
Category Light machine gun
Unlocked at level 108

BY15: perfect for close-range combat

If you are a fan of one-on-one combat, BY15 is definitely the best option in the game. It is perfect for close quarters and close-range combat. Equip it and go for the rush.
Damage 85
Rate of fire 20
Precision 80
Reach 30
Mobility 75
Category Shotgun
Unlocked at level 15

J358: the most efficient pistol

Great damage and good accuracy make the J358 a deadly pistol if you hit the first shots. The low rate of fire gets you into trouble if you miss if you miss too many shots, but it is still the best pistol in the game.
Damage 80
Rate of fire 15
Precision 40
Category Gun

FHJ-18: the vehicle destroyer

Perfect for destroying vehicles (especially helicopters) due to high precision. The FHJ-18 is also a great "card up your sleeve" for other situations where you can surprise campers. It's the best bazooka in the game.
Damage 90
Rate of fire 10
Precision 90
Category Bazooka
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