How to make a Rope (Lasso) in Minecraft!

The Rope (or Lasso) is one of the most important items in Minecraft, as it is used to move passive mobs. With it you can transport the units to the desired locations and secure them in fences so they do not run away. In addition, the strings are used in the craft of balloons. To make a Rope you need 4 Lines and 1 Slime Slime . After obtaining them, organize them as follows: The main ways to get Line is by killing Spiders or destroying Webs. Slime Goo is obtained from mob Slime. When you kill one, you can drop from 0 to 2 Slime. You can also get Ropes through chests at the Mansion in the Woods (28.3% chance), and Traveling Merchants (Traveling Villager) can drop 2 Lines when they are separated from their llamas. After crafting, your String will look like this:

How to craft balloons using strings

Strings are also ingredients in the craft of balloons. For this, you need 1 rope , 6 latex , 1 helium and 1 dye . Organize them this way: Helium is obtained from the Element Creator by combining 2 protons, 2 electrons and 1 neutron. Latex is obtained in the same machine combining Carbon (6 protons, 6 electrons and 5,6,7 or 8 neutrons) and Hydrogen (1 proton, 1 electron and 0,1 or 2 neutrons).

Rope Information

  • The Rope (or Lasso) can be used to tie multiple mobs at once, but each requires a different Rope.
  • A mob tied to a fence moves up to 5 blocks away from it.
  • Knots are broken when hit. When this happens, the Rope is dropped again.
  • A Rope stretches a maximum of 10 blocks apart before breaking.

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