If you are looking for a hero to farm in the jungle, then Batman should be your choice! With this dark hero, you can also jump on opponents when they least expect it and wreak havoc on enemy lines. Check out the best builds, items and Archangels of Batman, the shadow hero of Arena of Valor !

Know the skills of the jungler

 Passive: Batman

With Batman, whenever Batman approaches an opposing hero, his movement speed increases by 20%. This means that you will have an advantage over your enemies during ganks and, especially, if they try to escape a battle.

 Sharp Gauntlet

Batman attacks with the blades of his forearm, inflicting physical damage on all nearby enemies, with one taking double damage. Sharp Gauntlet is very important for quickly decimating waves of minions while you are farming in the jungle.


Batman throws an explosive batarang causing physical damage to his opponents and slowing his movement speed. In addition, the enemies hit are stunned and, if they are attacked again during this effect, Batman restores a percentage of his life. This ability is very useful for killing enemies that are trying to escape, and the fact that you can heal yourself while doing damage is critical to your survival.

 Ultimate: Dark Knight

Activating the ultimate, Batman is hidden behind a bat colony and becomes invisible for 30 seconds, unless he stays more than 3 seconds very close to an enemy hero. When using this ability again while invisible, Batman flies against the target inflicting physical damage on all opponents in his path. Dark Knight is ideal for initiating attacks , causing damage to several enemies at the same time, but try not to activate it in front of the opposite team, so as not to break the surprise effect.

Quick tips for playing Batman

  • Batman must focus on the jungle so he can farm fast enough to gain his ultimate skill early in the game. When unlocking this ability, you should start by trying to gank lonely heroes by jumping from lane to lane across the river.
  • In combat, you should not be static, but moving inconsistently so as not to be hit by opponents' blows.
  • In team fights, activate your ultimate before joining the team to take advantage of the ability's surprise effect .

How to create your skill build

To be able to easily farm multiple minions with just one hit, you must start by leveling Sharp Gauntlet . Then keep your focus on leveling Batarang so you can attack from a distance. These two skills are essential for Batman to be effective against all types of enemies, whether heroes of physical fighting or ranged attacks.

Key items

Core items

Ice Cape Cost: 2020
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • +300 Armor
  • +800 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Freezing Power (after activating an ability, your next Normal Attack will reduce Movement Speed ??by 30% and still deal 150 Physical Damage in an area - with +20 for each level reached)
Longinus Spear Cost: 2060
  • +80 Attack Damage
  • + 15% Recharge Reduction
  • +150 Armor
  • Passive: Crunch (after damaging an enemy, reduces his Armor by 50 for 5 seconds. Accumulating effect up to 5 times)
Break Row Cost: 2060
  • +100 Attack Damage
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • Passive: Wind Step (Movement Speed ??increased by 10% after exiting the battle)
  • Passive: Smash (armor penetration increased by (100+ hero level x10)

Optional items

Fenrir's Tooth Cost: 2950
  • +200 Attack Damage
  • Passive: Fenrir's Tooth (+ 30% Damage when the target's Health drops below 50%)
Muramasa Cost: 1980
  • +70 Attack Damage
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • Passive: Armor piercing + 40%
Omni Arms Cost: 2150
  • +70 Attack Damage
  • + 15% Attack Speed
  • + 10% Life Theft
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • +500 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Pentapower (the hero's next Normal Attack within 5 seconds of using a Skill is improved with 100% Physical Damage)
Troy Medallion Cost: 2220
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • +360 Magic Defense
  • +1000 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Blessed (gain a shield that absorbs magic damage every 18 seconds - 300 + hero level x 50)
Ancestral Glory Cost: 2240
  • +1000 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Resurrection (the hero revives on the spot 3 seconds after death with 40% of maximum Life)
Hyoga Blade Cost: 1920
  • +100 Armor
  • +100 Magic Defense
  • +1200 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Cutting Cold (reduced enemy's Movement Speed ??by 25% and increased hero's own speed by 10% for 2 seconds, using only normal attacks)
Fury of Hercules Cost: 2000
  • +50 Attack Damage
  • +180 Armor
  • +150 Magic Defense
  • Passive: Savagery (when the Hero's Life drops below 40%, his Attack Damage increases by 40 points and gains a shield that lasts 8 seconds)
Golden Boot Cost: 690
  • +110 Magic Defense
  • Passive: +60 Movement Speed
  • Passive: minus 35% magic damage taken
Hermes Choice Cost: 580
  • Passive: Light (+60 Movement Speed ??when exiting a battle)
  • Passive: +60 Movement Speed

The best archangels for Batman

The ideal Archangels for Batman are those that improve your armor piercing and those that increase your survival in battle.

Red Arcana

  • Massacre
  • Bloodlust

Purple Archangels

  • Tyranny
  • thief

Green Arcana

  • Hard Steel
  • Sting
Check out this guide to master the game's Arcana system!

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