How to get quick access tickets on Mario Kart Tour

Quick access tickets are one of the useful resources that players can use to progress on the Mario Kart Tour. They are different from normal tickets, used to improve cars, gliders and the runners themselves. See what how to acquire them and how they can be useful to you.

1. Do all the challenges of Season 1

The first way does not require paying, phew! However, it will require you to play the game a lot . That's because you need to release the challenges of the game. And this is only done after you complete 7 hearts. When you release the challenges, complete the Tour Challenges 1 to get your much needed quick access ticket. As until now you only have free access to such a ticket, be smart. Use it wisely and don't waste it after so much work to get it! We take the opportunity to give you tutorials of some difficult challenges to be fulfilled in Mario Kart Tour :
  • "Eliminate 3 pipes" challenge
  • "30 Miniturbs" Challenge

2. Pay R $ 19.90 and become a Premium player

The second way unfortunately requires you to spend real money. You will need to be a monthly member of the Mario Kart Tour . Paying R $ 19.90 every month you will have a Premium account . Once you have that account, you can receive quick access tickets when completing Cups.

What are quick access tickets?

Access tickets are very useful. With them you can unlock Hearts that you could only unlock much later in the game. This is interesting. Normally to unlock a race you need to have an "x" amount of Stars. And the Stars are only obtained by running. But we're not talking about unlocking regular races. Note that in the Mario Kart Tour Cup list there are some that are "under construction". It is precisely these Cups that quick access tickets will unlock for you!

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