How to play well in the Lords Mobile Coliseum tournaments

In Lords Mobile , you can unlock the Coliseum by upgrading your Castle to level 10. Then, you can access PvP battles with your heroes and earn good rewards like extra experience and gems. But to do well in this tournament, you need to know some important things. Check out this guide to blasting away at the Coliseum of Lords Mobile !

Colosseum Basics

There are basic rules that you must pay attention to when participating in tournaments.
  • To do well at the Colosseum, you have to have two different hero teams , one for defense and one for attack.
  • Every day, it is possible to participate in five free fights . If you are interested in more, you can participate, but you need to spend gems.
  • It is important to choose your battles well, because when you are defeated by a player with a lower rank than you, you change positions automatically.

What is the Constellation?

This is a random system that will empower certain heroes based on their qualities . By selecting the star in the upper left corner of the screen, you can check the current constellation. The Colosseum constellation will change weekly. This can affect your heroes negatively or positively. Therefore, you must adjust your choices according to the current constellation to earn all possible bonuses.

Choosing an opponent

Ideally, you should play frequently at the Colosseum, as the experience will be your best ally. Either way, there are certain generic tips that you can follow when choosing opponents that increase your winning advantages. If your opponent uses magic heroes , you must use Demon Slayer, Pink Knight and Shadow to defend yourself. If he uses heroes of physical power , then the best solutions are the Cheater, the Queen of the Snows and the Forger of Souls.

Which heroes to choose

The teams used in the Colosseum are made up of five heroes. Ideally, you should combine your characters in order to have at least one tank, a healer, a stunner and a damage taker, being the fifth hero chosen according to the situation you are facing at the moment.

Best tanks

  • Cavaleira Rosa: this heroine is very good at defending herself from magical attacks. In addition, it can also heal and place protective shields, making it an almost mandatory presence at the Colosseum.
  • The Big One: his magic defense is not very good, but combined with Cavaleira Rosa, his team is almost unbeatable. In addition, Big is available with three different stuns that will make a big difference in battle.

Best healers

  • Prima Donna: this heroine has the greatest cure in the entire game and, therefore, is indispensable in almost all situations. However, you have to be very careful because you are a fragile character.
  • Owner of the Seas: it is true that his healing powers are not as good as those of Prima Donna, becoming a little unpredictable in battling battles. However, if you need a healer with great resistance, this is the hero to choose.

Best Stunners

  • Little Demon: in addition to causing great damage, this heroine can stun all opponents for five seconds. But be careful, as it is quite fragile.
  • Herald of Light: this hero is indispensable when included in a team of magical strength, as he decreases the opponents' magic resistances. In addition, he has great resistance and manages to stun the entire opposing team for five seconds.

Best Damage Dealers

  • Stalker: this heroine is mandatory in almost all teams. Her unique damage is the highest in the game and her ultimate ability attacks all opponents in the distance, making it very difficult to kill.
  • Incinerator: her stun is released frequently and she can cause explosion damage. However, she is a very fragile heroine who can die very quickly.
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