Credits and CP (COD Points) are the two currencies that you can earn, buy and use on Call of Duty Mobile. Depending on your gaming performance, you will earn these coins more or less often. If you want to know what are the ways to earn credits and CP, we have prepared a list with 6 different ways. Check out!

1. Log in every day

The first way is also the easiest: connect every day. The home screen you will see when you log in is daily login rewards. Just press the "Redeem" button. It is common for them to give battle boxes and credits, although developers may want to give us another gift. If you left the screen without choosing to redeem, you can return to the menu through the Events section, clicking on the last event in the list.

2. Upe your account level

This is another easy way to earn credits on Call of Duty Mobile. By increasing your account level, you will receive a large amount of rewards just for playing, such as new weapons, weapon spaces or camouflages. Regardless of whether you earn a lot or a little, the rewards will come sooner or later. However, to start earning credits in this way, you must reach level 64. Until then, no prize will involve credits. Fortunately, when you reach that level, you will receive credits much more often when leveling, especially after level 99.

3. Complete missions and events

In addition to the daily login rewards, in the Events list, you can find some temporary missions that provide credits. Stay tuned because it doesn't always happen, so you should take advantage when one of these types is available. Either way, try to complete as many events as possible as the rewards are always interesting.

4. Open the battle and advertising boxes

Call of Duty Mobile battle boxes are one of the easiest rewards to obtain. They are obtained by completing missions, completing events, leveling up, among other ways! At first, they may seem useless, but if you want to earn more credits, they definitely deserve your attention. To open these boxes, go to the "Armament" menu. When you are there, go to the "Inventory" section, where you will not only see the valuable weapon XP cards, but also the boxes you won. Just click on the boxes icon to open them, and each can provide 20, 50 and up to 100 credits! Advertising boxes open in the same way. To earn them, you must press the yellow button at the top left of the main menu: An announcement lasting 15 to 30 seconds will start. When the advertising is over, you can click the X button in the upper right corner. You will receive a notification that the reward has been sent to your mailbox. Access it, redeem the reward and you will have to repeat the same process of opening battle boxes. Know that there is a limit of five advertising boxes per day.

5. Advance in the Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is an excellent way to earn credits and (finally!) CP. Earning rewards with this pass works in a similar way to Events: you play, complete missions, redeem rewards. At each level, they offer a good amount of credits, in addition to many other varied prizes. Unfortunately, if you want to earn CP this way, you will have to pay. Yes, bad news! It is the only method to obtain "free" COD Points, in the sense that you must register for the Premium Battle Pass. If you're going to play a lot of Call of Duty Mobile, you should know the following. The Premium Pass costs 800 CP. If you increase the level of the Battle Pass to 93, you will earn 800 CP, so the next pass will be free. You can link Premium passes repeatedly without paying anything extra!

6. Read your mail

Finally, check your mailbox from time to time. It is very common for there to be a message containing rewards that you have not yet redeemed. In addition, the game provides rewards quite often, even for updating the game. Be aware! Click here for more Call of Duty Mobile tips and tutorials!

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