Raids (or raids) in Pokémon GO are battle modes where you need to team up with other players to defeat very strong Pokémon bosses called raid bosses . Upon winning them, participants receive exclusive rewards and the chance to capture defeated Pokémon. Check out all the raid rules in Pokémon GO!

Who are the raid heads? They are strong?

The list of raid bosses varies periodically and there is no fixed interval for changes. Raids are divided into 5 levels, with 1 being the weakest and 5 being the strongest. Category 1 and 2 raids can be easily completed by a single player. From category 3 upwards, the number of players needed to win increases according to the Pokémon, but know that 8 players are enough to beat any boss in the game (even the strongest ones) with some ease. To find out the level of a raid, just look at the number of icons " " that appear with the pokémon.

And what are EX raids?

EX raids are more restricted raids that take place in EX Gyms. Whenever you complete one of the kind, you have a chance to be invited back. The biggest difference is that here you fight against rare legendary Pokémon like Deoxys and Mewtwo (which at the moment is a common raid boss).

How to participate in raids

To participate in raids in Pokémon GO, you must be at least level 5 and must have an item called Raid Pass . These items act as tickets for you to enter the raids and can be obtained by turning the dial in Gymnasiums. Know that you can only have one Raid Pass of this type at a time, that is, you will only be able to get another one on the disk after using the first one. Another option is to obtain Premium Raid Passes by purchasing them at the store for 100 pokéCoins each. In this case, there is no daily limit for the item. There is also a different type called EX Raid Pass, which gives you access to special raids in which you only confront legendary Pokémon. These passes are obtained by completing normal raids in Gyms where EX Raids take place.

How do raids work?

Raids always happen in gyms. If the raid is not yet available, it will be marked on the map with a giant egg and a countdown timer. As soon as time runs out, the egg will open and the raid boss will be revealed. If the raid is already available, the boss will be shown in place of the egg and, when the time is up, the raid will end. When approaching the Gym you can enter the raid's lobby. These rooms hold up to 20 players. This is the maximum number of people who can fight the boss at the same time. As in normal Gym battles, you will need to assemble a team of 6 Pokémon to defeat these bosses. Once the battle has started, players have 5 minutes to beat the boss. As soon as the group defeats him, each player will receive a certain number of Poké Balls to try to capture the boss. The exact number of Pokémon will be defined based on:
  • Your team's contribution level;
  • The number of friends you have in the group;
  • If your team is the same color as the gym.
There is also a chance that the boss will appear in his Shiny version after the duel.

Are there maps to locate raids?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. There are some unofficial websites and applications created by the community itself with the aim of tracking raids in its vicinity. However, these tools are always too unstable and rarely remain online for long. In addition, even though they remain in operation, these applications serve very few cities in the country, and are often restricted to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Some tips on raids

  • Just like in any Pokémon GO combat, choose element Pokémon that counter raid bosses. Access our comprehensive guide to all types of pokémon and learn which elements to use in each case.
  • Try to gather as many people in the lobby as possible to defeat bosses more easily, even if it is possible to defeat him alone.
  • Do not risk your Raid Passes. Use it only when there are enough people to defeat the bosses.
  • It is estimated that the success rate for capturing a raid boss is 5% and 2% for Legendaries,
  • Normal raids give 3000 XP and Legendary raids give 10000 experience.
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