Sven is one of the most popular carry heroes in DOTA 2 . He is a character that not only manages to cause a lot of damage, but also enjoys some durability. However, in order to have maximum success with Sven, you need to learn to overcome some of your weaknesses, such as low mobility. Check out this guide to learn everything about Sven!

Advantages and disadvantages

Why play with Sven?

  • The enemy team has no control over you during battles through crowd control powers.
  • The enemy team is made up of heroes that deal physical damage (reduce your damage with Warcry).
  • The enemy team summons multiple units (great for you to devastate with Great Cleave).
  • Your team needs a Carry that also helps on the front lines.
  • Your Great Cleave is a power that does a lot of damage to several enemies at the same time, so it will bring a great advantage to your team.

And when should I not play with this hero?

  • If the enemy team has a lot of crowd control skills.
  • If the enemy team has many skills to evade their attacks.
  • If your team already has Carry heroes or few support heroes.
  • Sven can be a hero with little mobility, so it is crucial not to waste time walking around the map.

Tips for Powers and Skills

  • Storm Hammer: This skill is the main tool for Sven to start battles and control the crowds. Storm Hammer deals a great deal of magic damage at its highest levels and can also be used on enemies that are beyond your physical range. However, its main function is even to stun several enemies at the same time, which will help you eliminate them before they escape.
  • Great Cleave: this is undoubtedly Sven's main skill. With it, you can easily kill entire teams if the opportunity arises. Great Cleave also serves to help you farm, especially if you are at Jungler. In reality, this skill is what makes Sven a hard-carry, as it scales its power quickly and is critical to farming items. However, don't forget that Great Cleave is a little weak at the start of the game and that it only starts to get stronger as Sven gains levels and items.
  • Warcry: use this ability to provide Sven and his allies with extra armor and a little increased movement speed. When you reach Warcry at maximum level, the ability's reload time will be very low, so you should use it whenever possible in battle, as +20 armor can mean a victory for your team.
  • God's Strength: with this ability, you increase your damage and survival due to the Strength bonus. However, you must calculate well when using this ability, as your cooldown is long. God's Strength will help you a lot while cleaning fields at Jungle, thus gaining a lot of gold and experience from the start of the match.

General strategy

During the first part of the game, start farming the damage item you need, which can be Armlet of Mordiggian, Echo Saber or Mask of Madness. During this phase, don't be afraid to use God's Strenght to guarantee the death of an enemy. You can also use this ability to clear fields full of units from an early age , just try to analyze the risks so as not to die and waste time. Also, don't forget that Sven has little mobility, so don't waste time trying to chase opponents who have escape skills. When you're about halfway through the game, try to pick up a mobility item, whether it's Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade. When purchasing one of these items, use it to start combat with enemies that are isolated on the map or to focus on certain heroes that may be more difficult for you in larger battles. However, if there are still not many battles at this point, continue farming, clearing as many fields as possible. Sven must be very strong now, so it is possible that you will succeed in killing your opponents alone. That is, the objective at this point is to kill enemy heroes and not so much to farm. But don't use God's Strength outside of battle or your enemies will take advantage of it to hope that the skill is low to gain an advantage over your team. In the final phase of the game, you should try to end the game as soon as possible, as he is one of the heroes with an important role in the team. Farmar is optional, but should not be prioritized. Although Sven has little mobility, he has some survival skills and manages to do a lot of damage . So try to focus mainly on enemy support heroes to gain an advantage for your team. The free online CSS cleaner tool helps you to organize style files for websites.

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