How to download Pokémon Masters for Android and iOS

Pokémon Masters is the new Pokémon franchise game for smartphones and tablets . Available free of charge for both Android and iOS systems, it is an RPG based on team battles. In relation to other games in the series, it brings some very interesting changes in the gameplay , as a fully cooperative mode. If you haven't downloaded or are having trouble downloading this title, see our tutorial below and learn how to download Pokémon Masters for tables and phones!

Tutorial: how to download Pokémon Masters for Android and iOS

Game is entirely free for all mobile operating systems
The first step is to have a Google Play Store or App Store account. Then just enter the name of the game in the search field, which in this case is Pokémon Masters . Once you find the application icon, click the button to download it . On Android it is "Install", while on iOS it is "Get". The game is super light, having less than 100 MB. Despite not taking up that much space on your system, we point out that the first time you play the application you will have to download additional content. So we recommend that you have extra space on your smartphone or tablet , to prevent the game from locking up. Although the game is not exactly online , it requires internet access constantly. Make sure you're connected to a mobile data network or Wi-Fi network. Finally, the game is, yes, free-to-play , but it has microtransactions. They are not necessary to progress in Pokémon Masters , but they can facilitate the evolution of your team.

What is Pokémon Masters ?

If you still don't understand what Pokémon Masters is , we explain. This game is an RPG, focused on team battles. Each team consists of three pairs of trainers / Pokémon. Each trainer has only one Pokémon. When that Pokémon loses all life, that duelist is removed from the battle. The team that eliminates all opposing coaches wins. The game therefore consists in forming increasingly stronger teams. For that, you will have to face coaches and collect items, to have new pairs in your team. Interesting that each trainer has a Pokémon that matches his personality. In the case of famous anime trainers, they have classic Pokémon from cartoons and other games. Brock, for example, always uses an Onix, while Misty uses a Starmie. Important to say that your team needs to be balanced in terms of Pokémon types. So you will be encouraged to find pairs of all types, be it the most common, like Water, the rarest, like Ghost. Your maximum mission in Pokémon Masters is to compete in a tournament on the island of Pasio. Once there you will have to face random trainers, explore new areas, train your trainer / Pokémon pairs and prepare to be the ultimate champion. The game also features Pokémon evolution and a cooperative mode. This mode, however, is not accessible at the beginning of the gameplay . See our review of Pokémon Masters ! Check out 9 precious tips to win every battle in the game!

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