Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to improve in the game is to assist high level players to learn a thing or two from their matches. So we have gathered some names of the best Apex Legends streamers and youtubers for you to follow. On the list there are national and international players famous on Twitch. Most go out every day, so in addition to learning a lot, you'll have guaranteed entertainment. Check out!


Shroud is considered the best Apex Legends player and always takes first place on Twitch in the game category. It is difficult to see him Shroud lose a game, and when he loses, it is because he played too much. The player usually fulfills challenges such as "winning a game with shotguns only" and rarely fails.
  • Twitch: Shroud
  • Youtube: Shroud


Despite having a much smaller fanbase than Shroud's, part of the Apex Legends community already considers Dizzy the best in the game. The player uses Wraith exclusively and his style is extremely aggressive and play to win. Despite streaking regularly, Dizzy does not show his face and keeps the camera facing the hand of the mouse.
  • Twitch: Dizzy
  • Youtube: Dizzy

Dr. Disrespect

Undoubtedly the most fun streamer in Apex Legends. His motto is " violence, speed and momentum " (violence, speed and momentum) and his matches are pure shouting while he constantly boasts of being twice champion of a championship called Blockbuster Video Game World Championships in the years 1993 and 1994. Dr. Disrespect's charisma and over-production of streams earned him the 2017 Streamer of the Year award from the Esports Industry Awards.
  • Twitch: Drdisrespectlive
  • Youtube: Dr.DisRespect

TSM Viss

Viss is another extremely skilled player who strikes almost every day. He usually plays on teams with Dr. Disrespect, so if the two channels are live, they are likely to be in the same match. Viss is much more humble (and much less noisy) than his partner, but most of the time he wins in the number of kills.
  • Twitch: TSM_Viss
  • Youtube: Viss


Skipnho is the most watched Brazilian Apex Legends player on Twitch. He usually plays exclusively on Wraith and his transmissions are always very lively and interact with the chat.
  • Twitch: Skipnho
  • Youtube: SkipNhO


Despite being a professional League of Legends player, Rakin has the second most watched Brazilian Apex Legends player in Brazil.
  • Twitch: Rakin
  • Youtube: Rakin
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