Hanzo is a long-distance killer who comes from Overwatch . It is a lot of fun to play with him and when you master your skills, you will make a big difference in big battles! Check out this guide to learn everything about this Japanese warrior who made it to Heroes of the Storm!



  • Has long-range skills;
  • Hanzo has good abilities to join team battles;
  • It has the possibility of crowd control;
  • Scattering arrow is very useful in confined spaces.


  • Hanzo is quite fragile, so don't let him be alone;
  • It has no self-healing;
  • Scattering Arrow is not a source of constant damage;
  • Storm Arch only works well at maximum range.

Lightning Tips

  • You can only jump over terrain or objects if you are close to a wall;
  • Your Sonic Arrow is important to see where your enemy is, as the arrow sticks to your target for a while;
  • Also use Scatter Arrow to reveal hidden enemies;
  • Arch of the Storm will target not only heroes, but minions as well, so you must position yourself so that you reach the heroes first;
  • You can use Scatter Arrow in one-on-one combat, but your maximum potential is to damage multiple opponents at the same time;
  • Use Sonic Arrow whenever possible, as your reload time is low and, this way, you will always be at an advantage over your enemy;
  • It is a good idea to position yourself with Natural Agility in a hidden location before using Dragon Strike, taking advantage of the element of surprise to catch as many enemies as possible.


Natural Agility (D)

With this ability, Hanzo can jump over structures or terrain . It may seem secondary, but with it, you can jump over structures to catch enemies that are fleeing or hiding in a place that is difficult to access. As your recharge time is long, try not to waste this skill, as it is the only way to improve your mobility .

Storm Arch (Q)

Your Bow of the Storm deals great impact damage. In addition, the arrow you shoot can travel over objects that normally stop other projectiles, such as small structures or trees , take this into account when attacking. Ideally, you should have this ability ready for when you go into battle and use it immediately without waiting for preparation.

Scattering Arrow (W)

Scattering Arrow can be a complex skill to use, as it is necessary for the player to understand the trajectory that the arrows will take. You can also use the scenario for the arrows to multiply, so it is important that you are at the appropriate distance from various points where the arrows can bounce. Scattering arrow needs some practice, so don't be frustrated if you make a lot of mistakes in the beginning.

Sonic Arrow (E)

This ability allows Hanzo and his allies to see enemies hidden in a certain area. The arrow can also cause damage on impact and cannot be destroyed. Try to use it as much as possible, taking advantage of your quick recovery time, as this skill can save you and your team from ambushes .

Dragon Strike (R)

Dragon Strike is undoubtedly one of the best heroic powers in Heroes of the Storm , but it can also be easily avoided by opponents when it is not well applied. This is because its animation can be quite obvious and its slow speed can make attentive opponents manage to avoid the blow. Any enemy caught by this ability will take a quick amount of damage and, even if it doesn't get any kills, it will be able to dispel all the heroes in an area . Try to launch Dragon Strike in places with little mobility and watch your opponents die.

Dragon's Arrow (R)

This ability offers not only crowd control, but also damage in an area. The arrow will travel uninterruptedly until it catches an enemy hero and will deal high damage to the target . Always try to launch Dragon's Arrow at a certain distance, as it does more damage the greater the distance it travels until it reaches the enemy.


  • Level 1: Aim Training
  • Level 4: Explosive Arrows
  • Level 7: The Hungry Dragon
  • Level 10: Dragon Strike
  • Level 13: Feet of Wind
  • Level 16: Piercing Arrows
  • Level 20: Bullseye
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