Discover the TRUE usefulness of the Pretending to be Dead skill in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. A lot of people do not know, but the skill is extremely useful for those who usually level and farm in automatic mode. Check out how to use the Pretend of Dead skill below!

Unlocking the skill

You can unlock the Pretend to Dead skill at any level. Just go to Prontera South Gate and speak to NPC Yalekoos, right in the middle of the map (circled on the map above). Discover the best places to farm a lot of Zen in Ragnarok Mobile!

How to obtain “infinite” SP with Pretend to be Dead

The Pretend of Dead skill automatically stops combat and regenerates 10% HP and SP every 5 seconds. When obtaining it, access the “Adventure Skills” menu and drag it to an automatic skills slot. When you do this, your character will automatically use the ability once the SP runs out. That way, it is possible to continue upping and farming faster while you are AFK (away from keyboard). In practice, your character will use the automatic skills chosen for the duration of your SP. When the SP ends, your character will pause for 50 seconds with Pretend Dead to regenerate the entire SP and then return to the fight. The automatic combat option is one of the best ways to level and farm effectively for a long time, but is hampered by the lack of SP. Luckily for us, the Pretend of Dead skill solves this. See the list of ALL recipes from Ragnarok Mobile! Check out more Ragnarok Mobile tips and tutorials here!

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