The enchantments in Minecraft are mechanics that increase the attributes of weapons and tools, or even give them new effects. In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about enchanting items and also how to get enchanted items from the scene. Check out our complete guide to enchantments in Minecraft!

How to enchant equipment

There are three ways to enchant equipment in Minecraft:

Enchantment tables

You need to spend XP and lapis lazuli to get spells that way. XP is obtained by killing animals or mobs, or roasting items in the furnace. Lapis lazuli is obtained through mining. Only items that have not yet been enchanted can be used on the enchantment table. To craft an enchantment table you need 4 obsidian , 2 diamonds and 1 book . When you have all the items, arrange them as follows to get the table:
  • Obsidians are obtained by touching water to lava and can only be mined with a diamond pick.
  • Diamonds are only found well below the surface and need to be mined with an iron pick or better.
  • Books are made with 3 pieces of paper and 1 leather.

How to use the enchantment table

Before using the enchantment table, place shelves around it, a block away, as shown in the image below: The shelves serve to unlock more levels of enchantments on the table. To build shelves, just get 6 boards (any type) and 3 books and combine them like this: To use the enchantment table, just right-click on it and then insert the item you want to enchant and a variable amount of lapis lazuli. In doing so, three random enchantment options will appear. The ways to modify this random set are:
  • changing the type and material of the item;
  • changing the level of the enchantment (when changing the number of shelves);
  • enchanting an item (this generates a new random group).
No further action will change the list of available enchantments . If a new table is built under the same conditions as the first, the result will be the same. When performing enchantment on a book, an enchanted book is generated , which “keeps” the enchantment itself and can pass the effect on to others through the anvil. So, a good way to rotate the random set of available enchantments is to enchant books until the desired effect appears.


It is the second method that encompasses the last two ways of enchanting items. Through the anvil you can combine two items to form a single one with both properties. Regarding enchanted books, just combine the book with the item you want to enchant to transfer the effect. This process also spends XP. It is also possible to combine two identical items (two diamond pants, for example) that have already been enchanted. The result will be a single item containing both enchantments. Note that this process can only be done between two equal items.

Other ways to get enchanted items

Librarian villager : NPC Librarian villager offers enchanted books in exchange for books plus a variable amount in emeralds. Fishing : whenever you fish there is a small chance of getting an enchanted item. Using the enchanting “Sorte do Mar” increases this chance a little. Chests : Chests can contain enchanted items. Defeating zombies, skeletons or zombie pigmen who are using enchanted items also gives you a chance to drop enchanted items.

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