GTA San Andreas: how to find all CJ girlfriends

One of the coolest additions to GTA San Andreas compared to the previous ones was the fact that the protagonist could have girlfriends. So if you wanted, CJ could have romantic relationships with certain women. In this article we will teach you how to find and, of course, how to win over these girls!

Denise Robinson

Denise appears on the Burning Desire mission . CJ saves the girl from a fire, which makes her be forever grateful to the protagonist. But she has a strong, independent personality and will not give Carl Johnson a hard time. Since she likes to shoot people and go to Los Santos parties, there is a good rapport with the player.
Dice Tasks to perform
Location Lives near CJ, in Ganton, near the bridge
Available time Between 4 pm and 6 am
Go out to eat There is a restaurant near her, Ten Green Bells, which is her favorite. Restaurants fast food are also good choices
Go out to dance She likes the only dance club in Los Santos, the Alhambra.
Go for a walk Denise doesn't like to go far from home. Take it in your car and accelerate whenever "FUN" appears on the screen. Stop the car near rival gangs for her to shoot them.
Gifts Of flowers
Coffee Denise invites you for coffee when your relationship with her reaches 40%
Rewards With 50% relationship you get Denise's car keys, the Hustler
With 100% she gives you the Pimp Suit, which is the pimp outfit

Millie Perkins

The Key to heart mission is the moment when you and Millie meet. CJ kills Benny and impersonates him to win Millie. She discovers the plan, which will lead to theft, but says nothing because she wants some of the money. There is the option during the mission to kill her, which makes it possible to complete the mission much faster.
Dice Tasks to perform
Location Lives in Prickle Pine, Las Venturas
Available time Between noon and 10 pm
Go out to eat Any restaurant pleases Millie
Go out to dance Go to a club near The Camel's Toe
Go for a walk Millie doesn't like high speed. Just drive with her around your neighborhood, at medium speed
Gifts There is no need to give a gift, as long as you wear the Gimp Suit and show up at her house. It will be a sexual encounter that will give 10% to the relationship, but it will not count as such in the statistics
Coffee Millie invites you for coffee when your relationship with her reaches 40%
Rewards With 35% of relationship you go to Millie's house to get the Key Card that CJ needs
With 50% you have access to the Millie Club car

Helena Wankstein

Helena is one of CJ's most difficult girlfriends. It is not easy to please her, starting with the fact that Carl must have a maximum of 25% of muscles. So if you're all pumped up when you meet Helena, leave CJ starving for 3 days, swim and run a lot to stay "dry". Have little fat and a lot of sex appeal .
Dice Tasks to perform
Location She is practicing shooting near the Ammu-Nation of Blueberry, Red County
Available time Between 2 pm and 2 am and between 8 am and noon
Go out to eat The World of Coq is the closest restaurant to Helena.
Go out to dance Alhambra is the best option. Do at least 4,000 dance points to impress Helena
Go for a walk Drive slowly through the fields near Helena's house
Gifts No specific gift
Coffee Helena invites you for coffee when your relationship with her reaches 70%
Rewards Dating Helena gives access to her shed, where to find flamethrowers, chainsaw, pistol and molotov cocktail
With 50% she gives you her car keys, Bandit
With 100%, you get Rural Clothes

Katie Zhan

Katie Zhan practices Tai Chi and is a nurse. It shouldn't be hard to win, but you need to have at least 75% muscle and high Sex Appeal . This is one of the girlfriends with the most advantages for CJ, since she prevents you from losing your weapons when taking a Wasted .
Dice Tasks to perform
Location Lives in Juniper Hollow, San Fierro
Available time Between noon and midnight
Go out to eat She prefers to go out to dinner, with Paradiso Diner Restaurant as close to her home
Go out to dance Gaydar Station is the club closest to your home
Go for a walk Take it for a walk in Chinatown or in coastal areas. She prefers moderate speed. If she asks to accelerate too much, do not, as the "FUN" bar will go down
Gifts Nothing specific
Coffee Katie invites you for coffee when your relationship with her reaches 52%, after the end of a date
Rewards When you go to the hospital, you will not lose your weapons
With a 50% relationship, you get the keys to your Romero car.
At 100% you get a medical uniform

Michelle Cannes

Michelle is found inside the driving school in Doherty. Lives in Downtown, San Fierro. CJ must have 90% Sex Appeal or over 50% body fat. She doesn't always show up at the driving school, so you have to be persistent if you want to find her
Dice Tasks to perform
Location Found in her garage in Downtown San Fierro after becoming CJ's girlfriend
Available time Between midnight and noon
Go out to eat She likes bars, Misty's being the closest to her home
Go out to dance Gaydar Station is the closest to your home, although it is still far away
Go for a walk Doherty and Garcia are his favorite areas. Always drive at high speed.
Gifts Michelle's "gift" is driving CJ's car. So always show up with a car, which automatically she and Carl will change seats. Just change the radio station and wait for the meeting to end.
Coffee With 40% you can drink coffee
Rewards Use Michelle's Auto Repair while dating her. As long as you have 100 bucks in your account, the service is free
With 50% you will have access to the keys to Monster, Michelle's car
Win a racing uniform in the 100% relationship with her

Barbara Schternvart

Barbara is the heaviest of CJ's girlfriends, as she is a police officer. Even so, she "doesn't care" that the player commits crimes. It can be found the first time outside of El Quebrados Sheriff's Station. She prefers fat CJ, but if you have high Sex Appeal this is not necessary.
Dice Tasks to perform
Location At El Quebrados Sheriff's Station
Available time Between midnight and 6 am and sometimes between 2 pm and 8 pm
Go out to eat Take her out to dinner at Jays Diner
Go out to dance The nearest is the club near The Camel's Toe, but Gaydar Station is also an option
Go for a walk Always drive within the speed limit, close to her house.
Gifts Nothing specific
Coffee Barbara invites you for coffee when your relationship with her reaches 60%
Rewards CJ does not lose the bulletproof vest or his weapons when Busted
At 50% she gives you her car keys, the Ranger
At 100% you get the police uniform

Positive and negative attitudes towards girlfriends

Keep in mind that it is not that easy to have good relationships with girls. You need to take some specific actions to make them passionate. And certain attitudes can make them move away from you. And these "requirements" vary from woman to woman. With all of them you will have a bar that indicates the level of the relationship. It ranges from 0% to 100%. Even though attitudes vary in each relationship, there are things you always need to do to be successful. They give a percentage to the bar, such as:
Positive attitudes Negative attitudes
Having a good date: + 5% Having a bad date: - 5%
Gift with Flowers: + 1% Give a Dildo: - 1%
Girlfriend accept kiss: + 1% Girlfriend does not accept kiss: - 1%
Sex - Have a cup of coffee: + 5% After a bad 2-player encounter (PS2 only): - 5%
After a good match of 2 players (PS2 only): + 5%

How to have jealous girlfriends?

If you do the right (or wrong) things, you can make a jealous girlfriend show up 7 seconds after CJ has a good date. There is a cutscene , which shows the arrival of the jealous girlfriend. After that, CJ continues their meeting, but the jealous is following the couple. You can run away from the jealous girlfriend or bring the two girlfriends together. In the latter case, they argue and their current meeting ends. Of course, you lose points with the one that "stood aside". To have a jealous girlfriend , follow some criteria. If any of them below fails, the angry girlfriend will never show up.
  • Don't go on a date with any girlfriend until you have at least two
  • Don't run away from a jealous attack
  • Don't be caught by a jealous girlfriend
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