Here are a series of tips / tricks from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for PlayStation 2 and that will definitely make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience. Be as it is and as always ... you choose whether to use our tricks, cheats, traps, keys, glitchs ...

Codes / Tricks of GTA Liberty City Stories:

During the game enter any of the following codes. REMEMBER, DO NOT KEEP A START OR KEEP THE ITEM OUT, BECAUSE THE TRICKS CANNOT BE DISABLED . Trick for Weapons Pack 1: Trick for Weapons Pack 2 Trick for Weapons Pack 3: $ 250,000: to win at GTA Liberty City: Armor: Health to the fullest: Most wanted: Less searched: Better vehicle driving: Change motorcycle wheels: Destroy all cars: Driving on water: Black traffic : Chrome Traffic: White traffic: Traffic lights always in green: Aggressive drivers : Armed Pedestrians: Randomly dressed pedestrians: The clock advances faster / normal: Clear: Sunny in vice city : Nebulous: Cloudy: Rain: Faster game: Faster Gameplay: Slower playability: Pedestrians attack you: Pedestrians sow chaos: Pedestrians follow you through GTA Vice City: Bighead mode : Generate tank (Rhino): Generate Trashmaster (TRUCK TRUCK): Commit suicide: See media attention: Random clothing for pedestrians:        Pedestrians attack you:        Perfect traction in cars:        Rare heads:       

Infinite ammo

When you do a trick to get weapons, the number of ammunition obtained appears in the upper right of the screen. When the number that appears below the photo of the weapon cannot be extended, the numbers will disappear and you will have achieved infinite ammo. Because it is very expensive to do it again and again it is advisable to use it with weapons that use a lot of ammunition in a short time like machine guns ... so that the hole is filled as soon as possible.

Video Trick: Learn to fly with a tank:

You will learn to use a tank to fly, fun right?

Video Trick: Fly with an Armed helicopter:

Make lots of money

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