Sims 3 codes (SIMS 3) for PC and 3DS

Codes / Keys of The Sims 3 for PC

During the game press Control + Shift + C to access the cheat console, where you can enter any of the ones shown below. Motherlode: He gives us 50,000 money every time we do it. fps on / off: Displays the frames per second of the game, in the upper right area of the screen. moveobjects on / off: When activated, you can move all game objects, including Sims, in Buy and Build mode. slowMotionViz: Put the sims 3 games in slow motion. We can assign a level between 0 and 8, where 0 is the normal level and 8 is the slowest. hideHeadlineEffects [on / off]: Show or hide character status bars on the game screen. fullscreen on / off: Activate full screen or window mode. unlockOutfits on / off: Unlock all costumes in Create your Sim mode. This must be enabled before going to the Create your Sim section. fadeObjects [on / off]: Activate or deactivate the possibility of objects disappearing when we approach the camera. testingcheatsenabled true: Activate Testing Cheats. Click on a Sim with the Shift key pressed. We can move the Sims status bars by clicking and dragging (hygiene, energy, fun, etc.) disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on / off]: On, the objects do not fit the areas where we place them, if we press Alt, when trying to place them. kaching: You get 1000 dollars. motherlode: You get $ 50,000. enable Calls [on / off]: A message appears that says: "Flames activated". resetSim: Reset the selected Sim, returning it to its original state of birth and leave it at home. familyFunds: Add a certain amount of money to the selected family. jokePlease: Show a joke in the cheat console. help: List of commands currently available. constrainFloorElevation [true / false]: Allows us to adjust the terrain, except for the objects, the Sims and the structures that are on it, but causing a change of location of the objects. quit: Exit the game. Free pizza: Every time you order a pizza in sims 3, cancel the order, when the deliveryman arrives with the pizza he will leave it on the floor of the entrance of your house and you will not spend a simoleon. Free gym: When you sell items purchased on the same day, you get all your money back. Buy a treadmill (or whatever you want), use it and sell it. You'll exercise without spending money. Choose gender: If a Sim is pregnant and eats apples, she will have a better chance of going out as a child and if she eats watermelon, of going out as a child.
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