Candy Crush Saga cheats for Android, iPhone and Online

Are you tired of waiting for lives to regenerate? Are your friends tired of sending requests asking for lives? We show you the perfect trick to get unlimited lives. When you run out of lives normally you have to wait a while for them to regenerate, ask for lives from your friends, or buy them for real money. One of the ways to fill out the life marker to the fullest, is changing the time of the phone . For this to take effect, you have to disable Wi-Fi and data roaming , so the time will not be updated automatically. When you go back into the game, your lives will be at their fullest . The problem with this trick is when you run out of lives, it will usually let you do this a couple of times, but the next time you run out of time, the time to regenerate lives will have been greatly increased, and the only remedy What you have left is to uninstall the game . If you desistalas the game and had it connected to Facebook, your progress will not be lost, since progress is saved online on Facebook, so when you reinstall and connect with Facebook, your progress will be loaded and your lives will be full again . A second way to get lives without changing the time, and since we are going to have to uninstall the game at the same time, is to uninstall the game directly and reinstall it . Lives will be regenerated, your progress will be loaded when you connect it to Facebook and you can continue playing, with the only hope of uninstalling and installing Candy Crush Saga.

Combinations of candies to explode and win the games more easily:

Wrapped candy: You must combine 5 candies by making a T or an L, it is not valid online. By combining two peers of this type, an area of 3 × 3 is eliminated. Caremelo with stripes: Combining 4 candies in a line appears a striped caramel, when breaking this candy a complete line is eliminated. It is the easiest to get. Color bomb: If you combine 5 equal caramels in a single line will appear, you can also buy it or have it as a booster at the beginning of the game. When combined with any candy of any color, those of that color are removed. If you combine it with another color pump you get the effect shown in this video: If you want to watch a video for each level that helps you pass the 350 levels you just have to go to the video section of this game by clicking here the 350 levels of CAndy crush how to pass them

Giant candy

When combining a candy wrapped with another with stripes. You delete several rows and columns at once.

Tips for different types of levels of Candy Crush Saga for Android:

Pass jelly levels

In the gelatin levels try to eliminate the corner jellies as soon as possible since possibly whenever you lose it will be for them. Combining more than 4 candies should become a priority because you can eliminate complete jelly lines in a single burst.

Pass ingredient levels

In the levels that you must lower the ingredients (cherries and more), forget everything that is not below the ingredients, try to lower them vertically or move them directly if possible, the points here are the least.

Pass timed levels

At the time levels, do not look for large combinations and simply move the first one you see as quickly as possible, if you have to focus on something minimally it is to combine the time bonuses. This way you will make points quickly and possibly get combinations without wanting to and increase your score.

How to avoid having to invite friends to continue playing

If you play from Facebook at level 21, it will ask you to invite 3 friends so you can continue playing, if you have the game on mobile (Android or iPhone) play that level from there, in the mobile version it is not a requirement.

More Candy Crush Saga tricks

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