Here are a series of tips and tricks from Grand Theft Auto III for PC and that will definitely make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.


On each of the islands, finish ten missions by police car to get a drink. He concludes twenty missions for six drinks.


Some of the codes only work with the American version and others with the English version. Try to put your name as GOURANGA before the others. ANICESETOFWHEELS: Invisible cars. BANGBANGBANG: Explode all the cars around. BEEFCAKE: Increase brutality. BIGSCORE: 10 million points. BLASTBOY: All weapons. BOOOOORING: Slow down the game. CHITTYCHITTYBB: Fly when you go very fast. COOLBOY: Your money increases. CORNERSLIKEMAD: Increase turning force. CUTIE1: 99 lives. DANISGOD: 200,000 dollars. DESIRES: Maximum level. ELVIS IS HERE: Without police. FISHFLAP: Small cars. FLAMEON: Flamethrower. FORALLGT: All weapons. GESUNDHEIT: Health. GIVEUSATANK: Tank. GODOFGTA: All weapons and ammunition. GOREFEST: Blood mode. GUNSGUNSGUNS: All weapons. HIGHFIVE: 5x multiplier. HUNSRUS: Invisibility. IAMASUCKER: All levels, weapons, god mode. IFIWEREARICHMAN: More money. ILIKEDRESSINGUP: Change skins. ILIKESCOTLAND: Cloudy weather. ILOVESCOTLAND: Rainy weather. ITSALLGOINGMAAAD: People go crazy. ITSALLUP: Level selection. JAMDAVEJ: $ 9,999,990. LIVELONG: Unlimited energy. LOSEFEDS: Without police. MADWEATHER: Bad weather. MOREPOLICEPLEASE: Increase 2 levels of police. MUCHCASH: More money or 500,000 dollars. NAVARONE: All weapons. NOBODYLIKESME: People against you. NOPOLICEPLEASE: No police. PEASOUP: Fog. RSJABBER: Invincibility. SKINCANCERFORME: Sunny weather. TIMEFLIESWHENYOU: Faster. TUMYFROG: All levels. TURTOISE or TORTOISE: Shield. VOLTEST: Lightning gun. WEAPONSFORALL: People have weapons. WUGGLES: Shows the coordinates. YAKUZADEATH: God mode.


Finish all 20 missions on each of the islands by fire engine.

More than one car in the garage

To park more than one car in the garage you just have to put them very close together.

Pass level easily

They are suitable for all screens 1- Enter as a player name MuchCash. 2- Play in any area. 3- When we start we will have $ 500,000, save the game (in the church). 4- Put departure (ESC and ENTER). 5- Put Saved Game. 6- 500,000 plus 50,000 will appear. If you repeat this several times, you will reach 1,000,000 or 3 or 5 million.


In ambulance mission: Finish 35 missions to get a heart. Complete 70 missions to get an adrenaline pill. In level 12 of the ambulance missions you will get the infinite race cheat.

Free repairs

Put the car in the garage, walk out of the garage to make the doors close, re-enter and the car will be fully repaired.

Special taxi

A minimum of one hundred missions unlock a taxi faster. Extra vehicles: 0 MR. Wongs: It's behind Mr. Wongs Laundrette in Chinatown in Portland. It is similar to Mule but it is faster. Panlantic: It is in the area under construction at Fort Staunton on Staunton Island. It is a gray van with its drawing on both sides. Toyz: It's the Toyminator extra mission van. There are two in Portland: in front of Toni restaurant in St. Marks and near the train stop that passes over Portland in Hepburn Heights. There is one on Staunton Island: in front of Kenji's Casino in Torrington. There is one in Costa de Vale: behind the hiding place next to a hidden package covered by posters.

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