Insert Codes:

(For Custom maps and Individual map) Press ENTER to see the 2 player message box, type the following codes and press ENTER again to activate the corresponding trick. The message Cheat Code Enabled will appear confirming that you did well: ABRAKADABRA: Trees disappear. ALLYOURBASEAREBELONGTOUS: Instant victory. DAYLIGHTSAVINGS: Change daylight progression. DAYLIGHTSAVINGS [1-24]: Sets the time at the indicated time. GREEDISGOOD [number]: Gold and Wood (500 by default). IHAVETHEPOWER: You and the allied heroes are at level 10. IOCAINEPOWDER: Quick death. ISEEDEADPEOPLE: Complete map. ITVEXESME: Deactivate victory conditions. KEYSERSOZE [number]: Gold (500 by default). LEAFITTOME [number]: Wood (500 by default). LIGHTSOUT: Set the time in the afternoon. MOTHERLAND [race] [level]: Select level. POINTBREAK: You don't need food. RISEANDSHINE: Puts the time in the morning. SHARPANDSHINY: Research updates. SOMEBODYSETUPUSTHEBOMB: Instant defeat. STRENGTHANDHONOR: Continue playing after losing in campaign mode. SYNERGY: Disables technology requirements in the field. THEDUDEABIDES: Remove spell cool down. THEREISNOSPOON: Mana infinity. WARPTEN: Quick construction. WHOISJOHNGALT: Quick investigation. WHOSYOURDADDY: Invincible and kill with one shot.

Secret levels:

In mission number four, the dungeons of Dalaran if you go south, you will see a group of three sheep. Place a unit in each of the stones located in that area in the following order: top, bottom and middle. Return to the north where the sheep are. Then click on the question mark that is hidden and you can access this secret level and complete it. You will have at your disposal a defensive tower created by Blizzard if you succeed. The objective of the mission is to protect a portal from attacks that will come in thirty rounds. If you get it, you can also access the Pandarean Brewmaster for level 4: The search for Illian, the secret level of the sheep. In the third mission of the campaign, playing with humans, about three quarters of the way and at the bottom of the map, you will find three sheep and three squares. Enter the squares, and the obejas will begin to recite Bah-Ram-You The tables on this website are converted with the Div Table online tool. Please subscribe for an online HTML editor membership to stop adding promotional messages to your documents.

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