Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 (BLACK OPS II)

Sequel to Black Ops, one of the most popular installments of the prolific War of Cally series The action on this occasion will be set in a supposed Cold War in the 21st century.

Cheats of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Guides

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Game Data

  • Saga: Call Of Duty
  • Creative company: Treyarch
  • Distribution company: Activision
  • Available for: PC , PS3 , X360 , WiiU
  • Genres: Action
  • Official page:
  • Release Date: November 13, 2012
Release dates for consoles:
  • WiiU: November 30, 2012
  • PC, X360, PS3: November 13, 2012
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